Comedian Park Soo-hong directly clarified the controversy over the lack of sincerity in SBS 'My Little Old Boy'.

On the 30th, Park Soo-hong posted on his SNS, "(My wife and I) met through the introduction in December 2018 and the number of years changed is 4 years, but looking at D-day, it is 972 days, 2 years and 7 months." said.

When Park Soo-hong announced that she was married to a woman 22 years younger than her and revealed that she had grown in love for four years through the introduction of an acquaintance, some pointed out that Park Soo-hong's concept of an old bachelor who couldn't love in 'My Little Old Boy' was a lie.

Regarding this, Park Soo-hong said, "My wife and I have been seriously thinking about marriage since 2020. So, by then, it must have been difficult to see myself in 'Miu Bird' often." I hope,” he urged.

Park Soo-hong also added, "I hope viewers will not be misunderstood because of my appearance in Miu Bird before I met my wife. Although I am always lacking and lacking, I will try my best."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)