The ticket, possibly the reduction card, an identity document and the health pass.

This is what you will need to have with you from August 9 to make a long trip aboard an SNCF train.

And we must not forget the famous pass imposed by the new health law.

Indeed, the CEO of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou indicated this Thursday that the controllers would check them from "the day when the law comes into force", that is to say on August 9.

“There is a law and we are there to apply the law.

We will be ready, ”he said.

“We said we would carry out massive checks, everywhere and all the time.

That does not necessarily mean exhaustive, because we simply do not know how to do it, ”he noted.

Pass controls will be carried out "rather on the ground, not far from the boarding gates when there are any".

"There may also be checks on board (...) with brigades of controllers reinforced by agents of the Suge (Rail Security, Editor's note) and even checks on arrival", possibly with the support of the forces of order, detailed the leader.

“We have 21 major stations, which account for 70% of TGV traffic.

These stations will be particularly treated, ”he said.

Controllers without health pass assigned to TER or Transiliens

Jean-Pierre Farandou did not wish to react to threats of a strike call from the SUD-Rail union, which opposes any reclassifications or suspensions of controllers who do not have a health pass from August 30.

"We are trying to find solutions with the unions," he noted.

“We quickly indicated to the SNCF that with us, there would be no layoffs.

If the controllers, in a personal capacity, refused to have a health pass, we would suggest to them to go on TER in the provinces or in the Transilien in Ile-de-France (where the pass is not necessary, editor's note) " , noted the CEO.

"Of course, we would call on volunteers, TER and Transilien, to get on the TGV to compensate those who do not want the health pass," he added.

“We have of course in parallel a whole plan to accelerate the vaccination of the agents who wish it”, he indicated.

“We mobilized all our medical centers which will be provided with doses of vaccines to allow volunteer railway workers to be vaccinated during the month of August.



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