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Intoxicants and deadly drugs


Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Haddad

30 July 2021

Our pure Islamic law will remain great in the hearts and minds of the wise. Because they see in it a wonderful organization of the life of the individual with his Lord and his society, it only legislates what is good for humanity in its immediate and future affairs, his knowledge of knowledge, and his ignorance of ignorance, so he permitted the good things, and prohibited the evils for the sake of human interest, and the survival of religion protected from sin and tyranny. One of the greatest evils and the biggest crime of alcohol and drugs that kill religion and the world and the individual and society, our Lord said, would gel in the description message of our Prophet, peace be upon him )aomarham good and forbid evil, and replace them with good things and prohibits them Bait(.

Intoxicants and narcotics are the mother of all evils, as it was authenticated in the hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban and others, on the authority of Uthman, may God be pleased with him, that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, said: “Avoid the mother of evils, for he was a man before you who worshiped and separated from people, so I hung him.” A woman, so I sent a servant to him, and she said: I am calling you to testify, so he entered, and every time he entered a door I closed it without him, until I led to a woman who was sitting, and there was a young boy with her covered with wine. You drink a glass of this wine, and if you refuse, I will shout out to you and shame you. When he saw that he must do that, he said: Give me a drink of this wine, and I gave him a glass of wine, so he said: Increase me, and he did not stop until he fell on her and killed the soul, so avoid alcohol. By God, faith and addiction to alcohol will never be combined in the chest of a man, so that one of them will soon expel the other.” And in the wise remembrance, the Almighty says:“O you who have believed, intoxicants, and facilitators, and witchcraft, and witches, are only more abomination than the deed of Satan, the types of evil are our types.” Because it is not approached as well as abuse.

And this legislation bears witness to the reality that is seen from the state of those who are afflicted with these evils, they are in an evil physical and moral condition, there is no normal mind, no contented morals, no right religion, and no sound social situation, they destroy their lives with their own hands, and go crazy on others, as if God Almighty wanted To torment them in the world with their own hands, so if their matter is discovered, then it is in the hands of the believers, and everyone sees the condition of these poor tormented people, yet some people do not take them as an example, nor do they rebuke their condition, so they fall into the trap of the corrupt promoters in the earth, to perish with the perishing.

Intoxicants and narcotics are a pervasive evil. Efforts must be made to prevent them from reaching the hands of people to protect society from its dire effects that amount to a felony on innocent souls, even if it is from the closest relatives. There is no excuse for anyone to see someone who has been afflicted with it and then turn a blind eye to it, even if he is one of the closest relatives, for this is protection For him and for others, and we are commanded to give advice to God, His Book, His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk, and advice in this regard means that no one should accept any of these destructive evils, but rather that he be protected from them as the sick person is protected from what he desires while it harms him. By informing the concerned authorities that are making every effort to treat him and return him to his proper condition.

The drugs that infiltrate societies, by the corrupting enemies of humanity on earth, are the greatest danger that destroys generations, destroys the hopes of peoples and governments, and burdens the state with treatment and care. He lowers himself to the level of an animal by losing his mind, depriving his will, and ruining his health. If a person thinks a little about the dangers of these evils, he will not do any of them, and he will be the first to fight them, and as some of them said:

Say to the one who eats weed out of ignorance, you despicable one, you have lived the evil of the life of the mind as a pearl, so why, oh fool, did you sell it for hashish?!

Because the mind is the basis of human dignity, and if a person seeks to destroy it himself, he has degraded his humanity, and has become an outcast in society, and is counted among the ranks of animals. We ask God for wellness and safety.

Senior Mufti, Director of the Ifta Department in Dubai

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