While more than 50% of French people are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, many people still refuse to take the plunge.

In vaccination centers, but also in pharmacies or general practitioners, health professionals are trying to convince skeptics.


Faced with the continuing outbreak of contamination, the health authorities continue to bet on the race for vaccination against Covid-19. Encouragingly, the milestone of 50% of French people fully vaccinated was crossed on Tuesday, and the number of daily injections remains at a high level since the announcements of Emmanuel Macron on July 12. However, collective immunity is still a long way off, and many citizens still refuse to be vaccinated. In the field, health professionals are therefore busy trying to convince the refractory. Pharmacists and doctors rely on their relationship of trust, while, in vaccination centers, some are starting to come back reluctantly, without being convinced.


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In this center of the North, Asha arrives on tiptoe.

She observes the vaccination boxes, skeptical.

For her, the vaccine is not for now.

"I'm waiting a bit, I'm still thinking .. I hesitate", she confesses to the microphone of Europe 1. "There are a lot of side effects, a lot of cases that have died .. Me, j 'm afraid. "

This fear is notably caused by images glimpsed on Facebook, she explains.

The influence of social networks

"A lot of people report what is in social networks", confirms Jacques, general practitioner.

"Most of the time, when you ask them if they've seen, they always report the videos or what they heard, but never what they saw themselves." 

And in this case, we must be able to deny it.

But what comes up regularly among the undecided is this confusion / government-public health, explains Elodie, also a doctor.

"I find it unfortunate that people have an indecision or a rejection of the vaccine by a rejection of the policy", she annoys.

"It is by not getting vaccinated that you are going to punish the government ... on the contrary."