An expert committee of the Ministry of the Environment, which has been discussing "carbon pricing" in which companies and households bear costs in the form of taxes according to carbon dioxide emissions, has compiled an interim report.

Both pros and cons were included in this, and the conclusion was postponed, and the committee hopes to set the direction by the end of the year.

Regarding "carbon pricing," the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry are discussing the ideal system that will lead to growth at meetings of their respective experts under the direction of Prime Minister Suga.

On the 29th, after more than half a year of discussions, the Ministry of the Environment's Expert Committee compiled an interim report.

Introduced in the interim reorganization because, as a position in favor of carbon pricing, studies are underway to impose de facto tariffs on imported products from countries where decarbonization efforts are inadequate in Europe. There was an opinion that there is a risk that the Japanese economy will suffer disadvantages if it is not done.

On the other hand, as the effects of the new coronavirus continue, there is a cautious opinion that it is necessary to carefully consider whether the introduction will have a serious impact on people's lives and corporate competitiveness.

The committee has decided not to draw a certain direction or conclusion in the interim reorganization, and will proceed with further discussions aiming for a compilation by the end of the year.