The star-chasing krypton gold race spreads to the younger population

  There are sayings in the fan circle: "I can starve to death, and idols have to make their debut." "You have money to buy as much as you can, but you don't have money to think of a solution." Although this does not reflect the full picture of the phenomenon of star chasing, it shows that the culture of star chasing is hovering in krypton. Jin (referring to fans spending money for idol endorsements, merchandise, etc.) is on the verge of competition.

According to "Ban Yue Tan" report, as social platforms continue to strengthen the entertainment sector, the number of comments and likes, the number of video views, and the number of fan gifts have all become quantitative indicators that determine the popularity of celebrities.

Many fans voted for the "idol" list and used fund-raising to borrow money to chase stars.

What is worrying is that this trend is spreading to the younger population.

  An idol is a light in the eyes of fans. Every follower has a special affection for idols. Fans who follow stars should have a simple, sincere, harmonious and healthy attitude.

What is frustrating is that due to the organization and industrialization of the support clubs and fan groups, the star-chasing gradually equated with the behaviors of Krypton Gold burning money. The support clubs continue to call on and mobilize fanatic fans to "use money to buy popularity and enthusiasm." "Buy traffic" is accelerating the alienation and distortion of the star-chasing culture.

Many young fans have been dragged into disorderly and unrestrained support operations, and have gradually become "tool men" at the mercy of the support clubs. This should arouse great attention from the society.

  With the "strong" appeal and organizational power of the support club, the phenomenon of student fans borrowing and chasing stars is spreading.

Due to the lack of a stable source of financial resources for student fans, after completing the hard tasks of buying albums, chasing studios, and raising funds to hit charts encouraged by the support group, they became people "tied" by loans.

Minor groups are unable to register for lending platform accounts, so they steal other people’s information and register in violation of regulations.

The harmfulness of this behavior is comparable to that of illegal campus loans with frequent negative incidents. It not only affects the formation of a rational and stable view of money among young people, but also leads them to blindly follow inexorable credit behavior and lose their respect for social credit. Without stepping out of the gates of the campus, you may fall on the wrong road of credit overdraft.

  The distorted star-chasing culture is touching the bottom line of public order and good customs.

Through the operation of fan organizations, social platforms and brokerage companies, the improperly-oriented idol economy restricts fans’ free and diversified ways of chasing stars. The channels for fans and idols to connect and interact are firmly grasped by them and determine fan loyalty by constructing the amount of investment. The degree of contempt chain and the well-organized and strictly managed support club system, regardless of whether the fans are willing or not, they must express their affection for the "idol" according to their methods and rules.

  The star-chasing culture intensifies along the direction of krypton gold burning money, and teenagers will be ruthlessly reduced to leeks harvested by capital manipulation.

Due to the lack of effective internal constraints and rigid external supervision, the Fan Club is reaping the money from fans from the bottom up, and faces the financial risk of being abused, embezzled or even run away by the organizers.

From the perspective of the long-term development of the idol industry, deliberately ignoring or secretly boosting is not desirable. Allowing the snowball of the problem to grow bigger and bigger will eventually cause irreversible damage to the idol personal and commercial capital.

In recent years, illegitimate rice has repeatedly exhibited excessive behavior, which is sending out danger signals.

  Behind the idol industry is a big network organized by capital. Capital must operate in an orderly manner within the track of the rule of law, and chaotic and disorderly fan-chasing behaviors can cool down.

Many of the support actions for the rankings are carried out on social platforms. As a content service platform, it is obliged to carefully review relevant content.

The Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Online Information Content mentions that online information content service users, online information content producers, and online information content service platforms shall not use manual or technical means to implement traffic fraud, traffic hijacking, false registration of accounts, and illegal transaction accounts. , Manipulating user accounts and other behaviors, disrupting the order of the network ecology.

  In fact, the well-organized characteristics of the support clubs, if used properly, can well guide young people to chase stars rationally.

The celebrity and agency team should pay attention to social value orientation, actively intervene and closely "guide" the organization of the support clubs, urge them to form a transparent and open management mechanism, actively accept supervision from the society and fans, and become a bridge that truly promotes the communication between fans and idols link.

  Hu Ge once pointed out at the World Internet Conference that the vast majority of viewers and fans, especially minor fans, will use the Internet to chase stars. They need to learn to use the Internet as a platform correctly. "This is also from a minor A sign of the process of reaching maturity.”

Social development cannot go to the point of entertainment to death, let alone be biased by the trend of money supremacy. The growth of adolescents needs to be guided by positive values ​​to inspire the motivation for progress in life.

  Every field of society has its own "idols". "Idols" are also the vane of the industry and society. Those "idols" with great righteousness and lofty ambitions continuously provide fans with spiritual nourishment and value benchmarks.

Even in the field of entertainment, idols should be a mirror. Fans should be able to observe themselves and be loyal to themselves.

The competing star-chasing krypton gold competition should be strongly condemned by the society, and the industry's internal regulations and external regulatory constraints must be put on the agenda as soon as possible to promote the positive return of the star-chasing culture.

  Bai Yipeng Source: China Youth Daily