Tokuma Shoten, the publisher, announced that it has canceled the contract with the editor who had been outsourced for posting discriminatory posts to tennis player Naomi Osaka using a personal account on SNS.

According to Tokuma Shoten, the editor who had outsourced the work related to the website "& GP" that he operates used his personal account on SNS after Naomi Osaka was defeated in women's tennis at the Tokyo Olympics on the 27th. It means that you made a discriminatory post.

On the other hand, criticisms have been heard on the internet and the account has already been deleted.

Tokuma Shoten announced that it canceled the contract on the 28th, saying that the editor's post is a violation of human rights and should not be done.

Tokuma Shoten said, "We are very sorry for causing unpleasant feelings to many people. It is not at all incompatible with the views of Tokuma Shoten Co., Ltd. and the & GP editorial department, and there are human rights violations in any case. It must not be done, "he apologized through the website.