Sama Al-Masry prostrates a prostration of thanksgiving in court

 Yesterday, the Cairo Economic Court fined the show dancer, Sama Al-Masry, 100,000 pounds, with a suspended sentence.

The court indicated that the ruling was issued in two cases in which she was accused of insulting former Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour, through the social networking site, at 50,000 pounds for each case.

For his part, Sama Al-Masry's lawyer, Ashraf Nagy, revealed his client's reaction after the Cairo Economic Court ruling fined her 100,000 pounds with suspension in the two cases of insulting and defaming Mortada Mansour, according to Egyptian media.

He said that his client "prostrated a prostration of thanks...and her voice rose, praise be to God."

Mortada's defense attorney had appeared before the court at various previous times, and waived 13 cases against Sama Al-Masry, for reconciliation.

Sama Al-Masry had attended matches for the Egyptian national team from the stands at the last African Nations Championship hosted by Egypt, and she was wearing controversial clothes, which prompted Mortada Mansour to request that she be banned from entering the stadium, and then the artist responded with videos of the former president of Zamalek and the case developed to court.