Partly violent thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls have again caused numerous storms in some parts of Germany until Monday evening.

One focus of the damage was in Bavaria.

The Munich-Salzburg railway line was temporarily closed due to trees in the overhead line between Rosenheim and Salzburg.

In the night of Tuesday, the situation relaxed almost everywhere, as the police stations announced.

According to the police headquarters in Kempten, Bavaria, the fire brigade in the Sonthofen and Burgberg area had to move out early Monday evening to pump out the cellar.

In Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, according to the district office, more than 1,000 workers were deployed, for example to pump water from an overcrowded stream.

Floods in North Rhine-Westphalia

In Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, a tree fell during a thunderstorm and injured four people - including one seriously.

In Lügde in North Rhine-Westphalia, a heavy thunderstorm caused flooding in several streets.

There were also some missions in northern Germany: In the control center area in Kiel, the fire brigade reported more than 100 missions in the course of the evening.

Several cellars were filled with water after heavy rainfall.

According to the police, seven people were slightly injured on the 19 Berlin-Rostock autobahn in the Mecklenburg Lake District because a car probably skidded when overtaking due to sudden heavy rain.

The Munich-Salzburg railway line, which was closed due to adverse weather conditions, was open again early Tuesday morning.

The Deutsche Bahn announced that night via Twitter.

Because initially only one track was available, delays could still occur, it said.

In the district of Sigmaringen in Baden-Württemberg, the winter service had to move.

After a heavy hail shower, he had to clear the streets near Veringenstadt.

The German Weather Service spoke on Tuesday of hail accumulations two centimeters thick on the ground.

A spokesman said a spokesman said that real "hail mountains" had piled up.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain expected in NRW

The German Weather Service has announced new showers and thunderstorms for some areas of Germany.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, thunderstorms approached from the west on Tuesday afternoon, as the DWD announced on Tuesday morning in Offenbach.

There may also be heavy rain locally.

In a short time it can rain 15 to 25 liters.

Hail and local squalls are also not excluded.

The maximum temperatures on Tuesday are 22 to 26 degrees, in the higher mountains around 20 degrees.

In the night of Wednesday there may still be showers in some areas.

The temperatures drop to 17 to 13 degrees, in the mountains to 11 degrees.

Also on Wednesday there can be showers from time to time, occasionally also brief thunderstorms.

The maximum values ​​are 22 to 25 degrees, on the Kahler Asten around 19 degrees.

In the higher mountains and in the northwest, the DWD has announced strong gusts.