The Qinglan express bus rolls over and causes 13 deaths and 47 injuries. The injured recall a moment of shock

3 people including the driver who caused the accident have been brought under control, and the State Council’s Security Committee has put a listing on the supervision of the investigation and handling of the accident.

  At about 14:10 on the 26th, a road traffic accident occurred at 1487km of Qinglan Expressway in Pingliang City, Gansu. A bus carrying 63 people overturned. By 18:00 that day, 13 people had been killed.

Another 47 people were sent to hospital for treatment, and their injuries were basically stable.

  According to a notice issued by Pingliang, after verification, at about 14:10 on the 26th, a large ordinary passenger car (with 63 nuclear and 63 actual passengers, all of whom went to Golmud, Qinghai to collect wolfberry migrant workers), departed from Zhengyang County, Henan Province to Qinghai , When passing the Qinglan Expressway at 1487km, the vehicle rolled over when driving out of the road.

At present, 3 persons (2 drivers involved in the accident and 1 foreman involved) have been controlled by the public security organs.

  The reporter learned from the Emergency Management Department on the 27th that, in accordance with the “Measures for the Supervision of Major Accident Investigation and Handling” and other relevant regulations, the State Council’s Security Committee has decided to supervise the investigation and handling of major road traffic accidents on the "July 26" section of the Qinglan Expressway in Gansu.

  "We were all shocked at the time"

  Ms. Liu from Yemiao Village, Dalin Town, Zhengyang County, Zhumadian City, was one of the victims of the accident. She is 53 years old this year.

She recalled to reporters that at 8 am on the 25th, she and more than ten people from the same village set off by bus from Zhengyang County to Golmud, Qinghai.

This was the first time she went to pick wolfberries. "Someone in the village had been there before, and the salary was 1.8 yuan for 1 catty."

  Ms. Liu was sitting in the fourth row from the bottom of the bus and fastened her seat belt. At that time, she didn't notice whether other people were also wearing seat belts.

When the vehicle reached the road section where the incident occurred, “I don’t know if the driver was asleep or the speed was too fast. Suddenly the bus twisted and buckled. After hitting the barrier, it rushed out of the road. We were all shocked at the time.”

  "At that time, the car was in chaos. Many people started knocking on the window glass of the car, including the two drivers." Ms. Liu recalled that she climbed out of the car to look for a companion. "I knew from the same village. Two women in their 50s were dead, and the two drivers were not injured."

  Those who escaped began to call for help, and soon ambulances, firefighters, and traffic police all rushed to the scene.

According to the staff of Jingchuan County Emergency Management Bureau, Pingliang City, they received an alarm at 14:17 that day, and at 14:30, the first group of personnel rushed to the scene to start rescue. "Two cranes and more than 10 ambulances were mobilized. "At 19:17, the on-site rescue work ended.

  It is reported that among the 47 injured, 44 were sent to Jingchuan County People's Hospital. The oldest was 76 years old, and the youngest was 33 years old. Most of them were women.

Three others were treated at Jingchuan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all with minor injuries.

Currently, Ms. Liu is receiving treatment in the hospital for a broken leg and a broken rib.

  The company involved has been fined many times

  It is reported that the bus involved in the incident was the Yu AX5006 "Golden Travel" large-scale ordinary bus of Henan Qiming Tourist Automobile Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Qiming Company"). The driver at the time of the accident was Li Hongjie (male, Han nationality, 44 years old, A native of Xincai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, holds an A1 motor vehicle driver's license).

  According to the National Credit Information Publicity System, Qiming Company was established in May 2012 with a registered capital of 1 million RMB.

Li Guozhen, the legal representative, holds 20% of the company's shares; the majority shareholder is Zhang Gaojuan, who holds 80% of the shares.

The registration authority is Zhengzhou Guancheng District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and its business scope is chartered passenger transport (within counties, inter-counties, inter-city, and inter-province) (operating with the scope and time limit approved by a valid license).

  According to Tianyan Check, Qiming Company has been punished by traffic control departments in many places since 2014, and in the first half of this year alone, there were more than 30 penalties.

The reasons for punishment include: destruction of satellite positioning devices, malicious interference, shielding of satellite positioning device signals, passenger chartered buses that fail to operate in accordance with the items specified on the chartered passenger transport signs, and fail to operate with valid chartered passenger signs, passenger transport operators, freight operators Failure to maintain and test transport vehicles in accordance with regulations, chartered passenger transport operators, direct Hong Kong and Macau chartered passenger transport operators solicit passengers outside of the chartered car contract, and both ends of the passenger chartered line are not in the car registration area, and so on.

  Among them, the Yu AX5006 bus involved was punished twice.

On August 31, 2020, the car was fined 1,000 yuan by the traffic control department of Zhengzhou because the two ends of the chartered line were not in the car registration location; on December 25, 2020, the car was blocked by satellite positioning due to damage to the satellite positioning device and malicious human interference. The device signal was fined 2,000 yuan.

In addition, reporters inquired about public reports and found that in August 2020, in the special "Iron Fist" operation of the "two customers and one danger" enterprise in Zhengzhou City, the local transportation bureau dealt with Qiming Company due to issues such as remote operations and potential safety hazards. Ten companies were fined 1.18 million yuan.

  On the morning of the 27th, the staff of Qiming Company confirmed to reporters that the company’s shuttle bus had an accident in Gansu. “I don’t know the specific reason and cannot provide vehicle services at present.” According to, a person familiar with the matter said that after the accident, Zhengzhou The transportation management department organized a meeting overnight for relevant passenger transportation companies to report the relevant situation, requiring passengers to wear seat belts. "If passengers wear seat belts this time, the number of deaths will not be so high."

In addition, the transportation management department requested Qiming to immediately suspend operations for rectification.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter

  Li Wentao Zhang Yanliang