[Explanation] After this summer, Huang Tiancheng, born in 2003, will officially enter Tsinghua Park to start his university life.

In fact, before entering the campus, this young man had already "charged up" for new challenges.

  On July 26, the reporter saw at Huang Tiancheng's home in Changchun, Jilin Province that he was taking online lessons.

  During the one-month period, Huang Tiancheng will follow the academicians and expert teams of well-known universities in the form of "online + offline" to learn about micro-nano robots, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Everything.

  [Concurrent] Huang Tiancheng

  "Summer School" is a summer school organized by the Zero One College, founded by Qian Xuesen Mechanics Class of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, to let everyone know more about the frontier fields of science. The teachers who teach are all invited professors from various places. academician.

In addition to listening to explanations during the activity, there is also the operation and practice by yourself and participating in the research of some small topics in order to select and cultivate innovative talents. For me, this is a required course, so I have to participate.

  [Explanation] Huang Tiancheng graduated from the Middle School Affiliated to Northeast Normal University. He is the first prize winner of the 29th National Biology Competition for Middle School Students. He also obtained the qualification to be recommended to Tsinghua University. After the semester begins, he will study in the Qian Xuesen Mechanics Class of Tsinghua University.

  During the summer vacation, Huang Tiancheng insisted on “recharging” himself every day.

The online class he signed up started at 8 am and ended at 12 pm.

Excluding the 2 hours during the lunch break, he insists on studying for 14 hours a day.

  After the online course is over, Huang Tiancheng will set off to Shenzhen for offline learning.

Huang Tiancheng told reporters that he wanted to step out of the "comfort zone" and challenge more new areas.

  [Concurrent] Huang Tiancheng

  I know the importance of the other three subjects (mathematics, physics and chemistry) in addition to biology, and the basic role of the other three subjects in biological research, so I just wanted to recommend that I can’t just learn the knowledge of biology, so I decided to transfer Direction, to understand some more basic content, to broaden your horizons.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan reports from Changchun

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