, July 27th. The official WeChat account of the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Municipal Committee issued the "Notice on Further Strict Epidemic Prevention and Control Work (No. 6)" (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement) on the 27th.

It pointed out that the operation of closed places such as KTV, movie theaters, and gymnasiums should be suspended.

The specific announcement is as follows:

  1. Strictly manage large-scale events, and do not carry out offline festivals and large-scale conferences, parties, sports competitions and other activities unless necessary.

Advocate postponed celebrations and brief funerals.

  2. Reduce gatherings, implement a split meal system, use public chopsticks, reduce dine-in meals, strictly control the number of gatherings, encourage the use of self-pick-up and take-out ordering meals; canteens (including government agencies, schools, factories, construction sites, enterprises, etc. Canteens) implement prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement entering the venue and eating in batches and time periods.

  3. Suspend KTV, movie theaters, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, bars, bathing venues, mahjong halls, chess and card rooms, and other closed places, and suspend offline services of training institutions (including hosting).

  4. Farmer's (bazaar) markets, pharmacies, wholesale markets, shopping malls and supermarkets should implement current control and other control measures.

Strictly implement prevention and control measures such as entering indoor public places to make appointments, staggering peaks, temperature measurement, code verification, wearing masks, 1 meter line and taking public transportation to check codes.

  5. Effectively strengthen the prevention and control management of key groups such as cleaning, security, catering, taxi (online-hailing) drivers, express delivery personnel, etc., clarify protection requirements, implement regular health monitoring measures, strengthen epidemic prevention training, and provide necessary protection Material security.

Strictly implement measures such as disinfection and ventilation in the dormitories, restaurants, basements and other places where they live and live to ensure that no dead ends or blind spots are left.

  6. Strictly prevent and control the epidemic in enterprises and institutions, strengthen employee travel management, and implement the "two points and one line" commuting mode.

Do a good job in employee health monitoring, keep the environment clean and hygienic, strengthen the elimination of items, and establish registration and elimination accounts.

Subordinate neighborhoods and property management units have strengthened the prevention and control of epidemics in commercial buildings and mixed-use commercial and residential buildings where people gather.

  7. Strict prevention and control of medical institutions.

Strengthen the responsibility of industry supervision of health authorities and the main responsibility of medical institutions, and do a solid job in prevention and control of hospital infections.

Except for emergency and fever clinics, hospitals above the second-tier level fully implement appointment registration.

Strictly restrict visitation and escort.

Retail pharmacies in the city have suspended sales (including online sales) of "four types of drugs" such as antipyretic, cough relieving, antiviral and antibiotics to citizens.

  8. Don't go out if it is not necessary, and stay calm if it is not necessary.

Strictly implement personal protective measures such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks, and regular temperature measurement. If symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. occur, you should go to a medical institution for fever clinics in time, and avoid public transportation on the way.

  9. Vigorously carry out a patriotic sanitation campaign, and carry out environmental improvement in back streets and alleys.

Strengthen the propaganda of patriotic health and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, and improve the public's awareness of prevention and protection skills.

  10. Use electronic screens, exhibition boards, showcases and other forms to publish epidemic prevention and control posters in tourist attractions, window units, urban main and secondary roads and other places in the city to create a good society for Nanjing to resolutely win the "encounter battle" for epidemic prevention and control environment.

  The above prevention and control measures are dynamically adjusted based on the results of the epidemic risk assessment.

This notice will be implemented from the time it is issued.

The management and control of medium and high risk areas and closed, sealed and guarded areas shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.