Freezing Point Feature Issue No. 1228

The aunts are starting to fight back

  Shumei, Youjuan, Shufang, and Xuehong have embarked on the road of "revenge".

  They didn't even have enough physique, but they still decided to declare war on their powerful opponents.

  In Jinan, Shandong, a group of women with an average age of 63 formed a team to publicly promote "preventing illegal fund-raising and financial fraud."

From the initial more than a dozen people to more than 150 people now, many members of this hardcore girl group have been "injured by being deceived."

  "The liar lied to me, and I can't let the old sister be lied to." The head of the team, Zhao Yinguang, said in the authentic Shan Dongfang dialect, "I want to cut off the way of the scam company and make them run out of food."

  She knows that persuading the elderly, peers are more effective than children.

  Four years ago, Zhao Yinguang led the establishment of the "Quancheng Financial Guard Volunteer Propaganda Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Propaganda Group").

The aunts put on bright costumes and performed in squares, communities, and parks. They sang and danced, beat gongs and drums, and wrote the deception experience and anti-deception guide into sitcoms or Shandong fast books.

  The Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference for Dealing with Illegal Fund Raising, approved by the State Council, has publicly disclosed that in 2020, more than 7,500 cases of illegal fund raising will be investigated and dealt with nationwide.

The Tianjin Second Intermediate People's Court issued the "White Paper on Trial of Criminal Cases of Illegal Fund-raising", which shows that from 2016 to 2018, 85% of the relevant criminal cases tried by the court and its jurisdiction were retired people over 60 years of age. personnel.

  Zhao Yinguang is 80 years old, and the two deputy heads of the propaganda group are 75 and 71 years old.

The women in the regiment are wives, mothers, grandmothers or maternal grandmothers, and some of them are already "four generations in the same house" great grandmother.

Originally, their lives were filled with "seeing a doctor, taking grandchildren, cooking, and serving their wives and children", but now they have a new mission.


  One day not long ago, Zhao Yinguang was preparing for his stage performance.

  She took out her cosmetic bag, which contained blush, foundation, lipstick, sewing kit and a bottle of quick-acting heart-saving pills.

  Almost every Kunbao in the regiment can turn out medicine to fight against "illegal fundraising" and "financial fraud," while the aunts also have to fight against cataracts, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoarthropathy.

  They were seriously injured and defrauded of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars.

These scars were turned into fables by them: "I heard that the company came to raise funds, and the interest rate bank doubled. The aunt really liked it. But after three months, the company closed and the people went away. Everyone keeps the hard money."

  In each performance, Zhao Yinguang tells his own story first, focusing on the expressions of the audience.

When she said that she had been defrauded of 1.04 million yuan, the audience often made "Oh!"

  Once, when Zhao Yinguang finished speaking, an old man asked, "Is this the real thing?" She replied, "You can check the bank flow and report records."

  The fact that the story can be opened and told on the table does not mean that it can be opened up at home.

  Zhao Yinguang never talked to his family about being defrauded of money.

She still remembers that 4 years ago, she retired for 16 years, enrolled in a dance class at Jinan University for the Elderly, and also served as the president of the Classmates Association.

An asset management company entered the campus, and gave lectures in the auditorium from time to time, pulling the elderly to chat about their daily routines.

  In an event at a university for the elderly, this company also "crashed" with people from the Jinan Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau.

The director of the Financial Stability Department, Geng Hao, was responsible for preventing illegal fund-raising propaganda. He first came to the stage and talked for more than 40 minutes. The old people rushed to "farewell" to step down-everyone was waiting for that company to come on stage.

  According to the young manager, the company’s main wealth management products can receive up to 14% rebates every quarter.

The manager also claimed that the group company had invested in "The Name of the People", which was recognized by experts from the Development and Reform Commission.

Also introduced on stage together were "lawyer" and "bank employee".

  Many elderly people, including Zhao Yinguang, registered information on the spot.

Later, they were given sweet potatoes, mineral water, washing powder, warm water bags, toothpaste by this company... Zhao Yinguang went up and down the stairs, the young people from the company rushed up and held her up, every time they had fresh fruit to eat, "Really Kiss me more than my daughters and daughters."

  They followed this company to the Pearl Spring Auditorium where "Chairman Mao has been", performed on the stage in the Shandong Building, learned sushi making, and saw rape blossoms.

Eat farm food at noon, with squid and other sea fish on the table.

  "Can we not believe it? I believe it too much." Zhao Yinguang, a veteran party member, was bluffed by the company's series of "national" and "government" rhetoric, 50,000 yuan, three to four hundred thousand yuan, six to seven hundred thousand yuan, She paid the money again and again.

Because of the large amount, someone drove the POS machine to her door and asked her to get into the car and swipe the bank card.

  Wang Xuehong, the deputy head of the propaganda team, was deceived by the phrase "support the country's financial development and achieve a win-win situation for individual enterprises".

Once she came out of that company building and happened to ran into her daughter.

When the daughter asked her what she was doing, she said, "The senior college is rehearsing inside."

  Tian Youjuan, another deputy head of the delegation, originally only had a passbook, and every time he went to the bank to withdraw money during "corporate activities", he carried a cloth bag containing tens of thousands of yuan in cash.

She followed this company to apply for the first bank card in her life.

  When the money was first transferred out, the aunts waited for the information reminder of the interest payment every month, holding their mobile phones to steal fun, "beautiful".

Afterwards, let alone the interest, even the principal will not be returned.

  They went around defending their rights and tossed them for half a month. They heard that the company's capital chain was broken, and people from familiar places went to empty buildings.


  "Study the propaganda manual well, don't know it, you can see it at a glance." The aunts said to the crowd of onlookers.

  Standing on the podium in the community hall, they emphasized the "five tricks" they summarized: learn financial knowledge, be aware of risks, overcome greed, save money in the bank, and stay away from related projects. ."

  The "risk awareness" is also divided into "three look", "think twice" and "three don't".

The aunts said categorically that sweet talk is an ulterior motive, small favors and small benefits are equivalent to bait, lectures, visits, and travel are scams, and high returns are even more traps.

"There is no pie in the sky. There is a trap under the pie. If you go to see the pie, you will fall into the trap."

  Once, they couldn't forgive themselves after being deceived.

Hearing that the money won't come back, Zhao Yinguang's head went blank, and he was almost hit by a car when crossing the road, and was yanked by the people around him.

She was crying secretly in the house, not daring to talk to her family.

  Tian Youjuan lost 270,000 yuan and couldn't sleep for several days. She thought about suicide, "a lifetime is over."

She lives in her daughter's house, and her daughter trusts her, and her granddaughter's new year's money is kept by her. "It's more uncomfortable to lose it than to lose it."

For fear of delaying her son-in-law as a civil servant, she did not dare to die later, but she heard that there was an "old sister" by her side that really ended her life.

  In recent years, Geng Hao, director of the Financial Stability Division of Jinan Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, has seen all kinds of victims who have sold houses, homeless, married and divorced, elderly people driven out of their homes by children, and cancer without money for treatment. The sick...not only can't recover the property loss, they can't solve their knots.

  In actual cases, those old people are not "just looking to cheat."

Some people have two public security officers in their families, some relatives hold provincial or ministerial posts, some have taught English in school in the last century, have been accountants for their entire lives, and have worked as corporate cadres before retirement...

  "Why am I deceived?" Zhao Yinguang asked himself repeatedly.

She used to be the director of a branch factory of Qingqi Group. In order to promote motorcycles, she went to the United States and Japan in the 1990s. She also ran with trucks for publicity, sat in the passenger seat and stared at the car.

  She is the only female cadre in the management of the company. She wears blue and white overalls, "different from the blue of the workers."

At the age of retirement, she was retained for 5 years.

She completed mergers and was also assigned to be a director of another listed company.

When investing, she did not discuss with her children, "I control the money I earn."

  These deceived old people are accustomed to going out and taking the bus. Apart from buying vegetables, paying utility bills, and buying toys for their grandchildren, they have almost nothing to spend. Some people wear work clothes the most for decades.

With the process of urbanization, some people have also received demolition funds.

They like to save money.

  Among the 1.04 million yuan lost by Zhao Yinguang, there was the first pot of gold earned by investing in stocks.

Thirty years ago, she bought the original shares of Qingqi Group, which has since increased by 6 times.

The demolition money from her mother-in-law is also included in the money.

  Shen Xiaoping is 68 years old. Seven years ago she "pitted" her company and said that the company had a pharmaceutical factory and a 100-mu pomegranate orchard, and it couldn't fail.

She invested money, and her mother and sisters followed suit. She was most guilty of bringing her family into the partnership.

If the money did not come back, she was afraid that her 90-year-old mother would be stimulated, so she took twice as much money back to the elderly and insisted that she had earned it.

  It was the first time I heard from the investigators that I had participated in illegal fundraising, and the aunts were very surprised.

They concluded, "You are fooled if you don't understand."

  At Jinan University for the Elderly, Zhao Yinguang once again met Geng Hao, who had come to teach an anti-fraud class.

Geng Hao said that he would recruit publicity volunteers. Zhao Yinguang thought, telling his own story is much better than telling the case in the book, "I can do this."

  On May 16, 2017, under the guidance of Jinan Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, a publicity group was established.

Zhao Yinguang brought in the first group members, most of them were women, and they were basically deceived.

  The first time I went out to hand out flyers, Zhao Yinguang, Tian Youjuan and a member of the group set off from home early in the morning, carrying cloth pockets stuffed with materials, and rushed to the suburban bazaar by bus for an hour-there were acquaintances holding activities, and they didn’t. Will be driven away.

  Against the big sun, they yelled while handing out flyers.

In two and a half hours, some passers-by did not look at them, and some regarded them as liars.

Some of the flyers sent out were discarded, and they picked up the complete ones and continued to use them.

There were old people pulling quacks in the square (“chat” in Shandong dialect-reporter's note), and they leaned in to interject.

  The flyers are small, and the elderly don’t like to read them, so they arrange the content into programs.

Go to the square, play banners, pull flags, beat gongs and drums.

Usually when Zhao Yinguang yelled, people gathered around to watch the excitement.

This group of old people can sing and allegro.

  Zhao Yinguang and her teammates hated the "propaganda methods" of scammers, but used these tactics.

They can't be more clear that illegal fund-raising companies that send eggs, yams, dried noodles, and travel to the elderly and promise high interest returns are actually "thinking about your principal."

Therefore, in addition to the "Propaganda Manual on Preventing Illegal Fund-raising Financial Fraud" and "A Letter to the General Public", they also stuffed the audience with aprons, fans and playing cards with slogans printed on them.


  The "Auntie Anti-fraud Group" set up stations in 87 communities in Jinan.

At first, he couldn't find the way. A member of the group went to the community near his home to "grind", but was always turned down by the other party as "too busy".

There were too many times, the other party agreed to try. A few months later, the person in charge of the community sighed to her, "So you don't want money."

  The aunts go to the senior colleges, communities, and banks in the city center, and they don’t let the suburbs go.

  The content of their speeches has three versions: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes.

The head of the delegation, Zhao Yinguang, met an old man. At 11 o'clock in the morning, she hurriedly moved a stool home to cook before finishing the class. She hurriedly gestured to the speaker at the end of the stage.

They often "incidentally" take part in the party class, fire protection class, and health class.

  Some places are "prone to problems" and they often go there.

An employee of a bank revealed that the demolition nearby, the old man had just received the money, and the aunts hurriedly acted.

The temperature dropped to minus seven or eight degrees Celsius, and they were laying carpets on the market.

The 80-year-old Zhao Yinguang went to the suburbs to distribute materials the day before New Year's Eve. She also went to the community to discuss cooperation with members of the group in snowy weather.

  Wu Zhe, vice chairman of the Jinan Welfare Foundation for the Disabled, remembers that once, 30 people were notified to listen to the "Auntie Anti-fraud Group" class, and more than 130 people came to the event.

Speaking of the experience of being deceived, Zhao Yinguang saw a deaf-mute person waving his hands in the audience and lit the brochure vigorously.

She knew that it was the one who "successfully".

  The aunt "formed into a group", there were a dozen people at first, and now there are more than 150 people.

There are old party members who sign up on the spot after the class, some retired officials who want to be volunteers, the old lady who blows the cucurbit flute in the group, and there are many aunts who can dance square dancing.

  Deputy head Tian Youjuan’s husband is 80 years old, and he has created four programs including Allegro "Sudden" and Double Reed "Beware of being deceived".

The old man was defrauded of 30,000 yuan by a project known as "investment in a water plant".

Four years ago, member Zhang Aiping’s family was defrauded of 300,000 yuan. She compiled "The Adventures of Aunt Zhang" and used "Shandong Qinshu" to interpret and teach her teammates one sentence.

There is no score, but everyone has learned it.

  "Performance" time has come, the aunts put on silk socks, wearing reading glasses, and set off with a thermos cup full of water on their backs.

Someone used a trolley to drag the exhibition stand, performance clothing, pole headset and Shandong drum.

  In this women's group, there are nearly 40 programs formed.

Counting those who did not appear on stage, there are nearly 100, including the cheongsam show, the Avalokitesvara of Thousand Hands, and the chorus.

They also performed "No Golden Eggs Fall in the Sky" with the disabled, smashing the golden eggs symbolizing traps on the spot.

  Zhao Yinguang is from Jinan.

She went to the streets to promote meeting friends and was asked "You can still be deceived".

An acquaintance pulled her and sighed, "My relatives are just like you."

  Zhao Yinguang used to be embarrassed to mention the 1.04 million yuan thing, but now she has figured it out, "We were deceived, not ashamed. Every time we perform, the publicity is bigger, and the chance of people being deceived is smaller."

  "The propaganda brochure is our battle weapon, a sober agent and amulet for you to guard against being fooled." The group members wrote in the speech.

  They carried the promotional materials back home and piled them up, and went to the free parks and office halls to "rub" in the rehearsal field.

Later, with the support of the Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau of Jinan City, the aunts had an office on Shungeng Road, where they could wear bright red team uniforms to check in from nine to four.

  In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, they were unable to perform, so they organized a "Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising" calligraphy and painting exhibition. More than 1,100 works were received. The largest participant was 88 years old.

  The aunts also shoot short videos and pretend to be deceived people, financial literacy promoters or scammers.

Someone squeezed their throats and starred in a role, "I am the chairman, general manager, marketing director and chief salesman of Laiqiankuai, who is loved by everyone, and I am the only one in the company anyway."

Someone acted as a child to persuade the elderly to be vigilant; a friendly and supportive man put on a skirt, tied a big red flower on his shoes, and twisted his dance steps to pretend to be a cheated lady.

  When recording the video, Tian Youjuan faced the camera and declared war on the liar, revealing silver dentures.

  This silver-haired girl group always pays attention to the changes in national policies and the implementation of new financial supervision regulations. They will have targeted discussions and will add their export numbers to the script.

"If you want to invest, please remember to see if you have a license. The financial regulatory procedures are incomplete. Look more!" "In order to prevent fraud, regular banks are the first choice. Fishing with high returns is not greedy!"

  The members remembered that they went to the mall to perform. After listening, the old ladies breathed a sigh of relief, "They are preparing to invest money."

A police officer asked Zhao Yinguang to persuade his mother to report the crime. The old man did not believe his son and said, "Don't let your kid do the police, I just want to vote."

  An old man went to the bank to transfer hundreds of thousands of yuan to a stranger. The teller repeatedly confirmed that the old man thought the bank was going to pull savings and was impatient.

It was not until I saw the pamphlet sent by the propaganda team that I was almost deceived.

A member of the team, Zhang Aiping, was once held by an old man: "The aunt you play is me. The year before last, I was deceived of the 500,000 yuan of hard-earned money I had saved my whole life." She persuaded that we still have a pension, and we will definitely get better and better. it is good.

  At the busiest time, the aunts performed twice a day.

In Jinan, a newly established financial company wanted to invite them to the "platform", but was directly rejected.

  They got the nickname of "Auntie Quancheng", "I'm stimulating when I listen," and they feel on par with "Aunt Chaoyang."

They are full of confidence, "We are in the sun, the liar is in the dark".

  The aunts' counterattack achieved many victories.

Once, they met someone from a financial company who handed out flyers near the office and decided to check it out.

Entering the door, Tian Youjuan walked at the end, taking pictures secretly.

After listening to this company’s financial management "big lecture hall", the aunts persuaded other elderly people present to "take gifts, don't invest money."

After going there twice, they made a report to Geng Hao and submitted graphic evidence.

The company later moved away and a case has now been filed for investigation.

  On another occasion, I heard that a company was pulling people in an office building. They ran to the front desk and shouted that they wanted to promote it.

The second time they went, they heard that those "liars" had packed up and left.

There are community sites in charge of group members, achieving “zero” deception of residents throughout the year.

  Some companies sell beds for the elderly to save money and earn a high interest rate each month; some companies claim to sell calligraphy and painting at low prices, and the appreciation part is returned to the elderly; some places take "free" travel and check up and then collect the money; the so-called "something" "Financial Mutual Aid Community" says that investment is to help people do good deeds; and those who use the banner of "you consume, I will reimburse" are actually tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall.

  I hate liars so much that Li Xuezhen, a member of the group, will even pay for "undercover" to collect evidence.

  They have reported more than 10 "problematic" companies.

Geng Hao remembered that the aunts were not forgetful, they would keep asking about the results, and if there was no progress, they would urge him to find a way.

  In the office, the chairs, hot water bottles, file bags, and pens were all brought by the aunts from home.

  Geng Hao supported them in setting up 100 public welfare bulletin boards in Jinan.

The advertising company maintains it once every six months, and the aunts usually take care of it by themselves, and at most one person is responsible for 6 yuan.

They cherish these positions. Whenever it rains or snows, they put on rags and mops and go out to check.


  Someone has calculated that the average age of the members of this propaganda group is 63 years old.

  The members strive to catch up with the times, and basically everyone has a smartphone.

They forwarded the news of the group in the circle of friends, and sent private messages to their friends to canvass votes for the propaganda group.

  This is not easy.

A member of the group who always writes articles has a mobile phone title that occupies a quarter of the screen, and it takes two to three minutes to add a WeChat friend.

Li Xuezhen, the backbone of the performance team, only opened WeChat with the help of his son a few months before the establishment of the propaganda team.

Tian Youjuan has been in touch with smartphones early, and has changed from PHS and Laobao to iPhone 3, 4, 6, and 7, which are outdated by children. They are always four or five versions behind the latest models. At present, she will not search for information online.

  Every time Zhao Yinguang uses WeChat to find someone, he has to slide down the dialogue window one by one.

She held a special meeting for members of the group and asked them to change their online nicknames to their real names.

In addition to the factory settings, the application software in her mobile phone is only WeChat, Xueqianguo, and a taxi-hailing software that she does not know how to use.

No one knows how to order takeaway with mobile phone software.

  Their daily life is aging.

The last message in the group is usually before 10 o'clock in the evening. The performance will be played in the morning and half an hour, and meals must be eaten on time at noon.

  Some people carry cloth bags that can be worn full of thread balls, and some people put floral chiffon coats on their shoulders as silk scarves.

Many of the group members dyed their black hair and looked closer. The new hair on the temples showed white, and the skin was covered with age spots.

  At the end of each event, Zhao Yinguang launched a solitaire in the group to let the group members come home to report their safety.

She bought personal accident insurance for each member.

  Zhao Yinguang went upstairs to hold the handrails, and held his forehead when he spoke for a long time.

She gave the office key case to the younger Tian Youjuan for safekeeping. The corners of the key case were torn, and Tian Youjuan took out the stitches that she brought with her to make up.

Every time a meeting, a few backbones wore reading glasses and held thick notebooks to write, and some had already written seven or eight books.

  Zhao Yinguang had cataracts and had an eye surgery in March this year.

Two or three hours after the operation, he stared at the other eye and sent WeChat to deal with the group's affairs.

Tian Youjuan has had cancer twice.

The most recent time was breast cancer.

The day before the operation, she also sent the manuscripts of the calligraphy and painting exhibition to the printing factory, and reported back to the group one week after the operation.

She suffered a fracture and appeared at the show with her arm hanging, doing logistics.

  The member Yu Shufang knocked his head when he took his grandson, and came back to punch the card after stitching.

Li Xuezhen broke her leg and ran from the west of the city to the east of the city to perform.

Jiang Shumei cut her big foot bones and wanted to buy a pair of larger shoes to move around early.

People who take intestinal polyps and appendicitis, there are always elderly people who go to the hospital because of sudden conditions, and return to their positions in a few days.

  Zhao Yinguang checks in for 270 days a year.

Ask your wife to fold the quilt when you are in a hurry to go out.

She talked to the group members about work and schedule programs, and there were endless words. To her wife, she asked if she had cooked in the morning, and if she had taken medicine in the evening.

  They save money and do not turn on the mobile data function in non-emergency situations when they are on the road.

But Zhao Yinguang and Tian Youjuan had to drive, and they did not turn off the plane at night after joining the propaganda team for 4 years.

Tian Youjuan brought a power bank with her. She suffered from pneumonia and stayed in the hospital for 29 days, and the traffic outside the package cost more than 40 yuan.


  In the regiment, the aunts found another self besides the trivial family affairs.

  Before coming to the publicity group, they were used to picking up their grandchildren, cooking for the whole family, and handling housework.

Before going on stage, they would take off their dark sneakers, put on a slim cheongsam, put on eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, curl their hair, and trace the distinct false eyelashes.

  Some people say frankly that they basically don't change clothes at home, and they don't even bother to wash their faces.

  When Zhang Aiping was young, she sent her son to learn to paint and play the keyboard, while she sat in the office all day and dealt with abacus.

Now in the publicity group, she takes pictures, writes news, and makes LED backgrounds for the show.

Occasionally, in his spare time, he prepares dumplings for her husband and freezes them in the refrigerator.

  After Yu Shufang retired, he worked as the monitor of vocal music class and erhu class at the University for the Elderly.

She went to the bank to do errands, and met Zhao Yinguang who was handing out flyers, and came to the publicity team.

She originally planned to serve her daughter for the second confinement, so she changed her mind.

  The aunts love to wear bright team uniforms, red short-sleeved polo shirts in summer, red bread down jackets in winter, and rose-pink jackets in autumn.

They really became popular. They played in squares and theaters and sang to the cameras of the TV station.

Li Xuezhen went for a massage and was recognized by the waiter, "Aren't you a celebrity on TV".

  Several people were rated as excellent party members in the community. Yu Shufang was stunned when he received the call to participate in the commendation meeting: "Am I so good?"

  Shen Xiaoping has been dancing square dance for 5 years.

But the propaganda team is not a park. "If you want to rest, you can rest." She wears a team uniform and a ribbon with gold rims, practicing chorus, handing out flyers, and giving lectures. It takes an hour and a half to get from home to the office. I've never been late.

  The daily practice of the aunts does not have a huge mirror or high-end speakers. They sing while brushing the toilet, burning their ribs, and sing while drying their clothes.

Zhao Yinguang allowed everyone to perform freely to show off his housekeeping skills.

She often stares at people's reminders, "I can't get it out, I can't leave."

  The aunts have "tenacity".

There is a truth that others can't understand, they just keep explaining.

They will bravely refute when they meet a contrarian.

The propaganda of "preventing illegal fund-raising" is their "career."
























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