"The city of Marseille has once again been bereaved by a terrible tragedy," regrets Benoît Payan, the PS mayor of Marseille, about the fire at Les Flamants where three people perished in the flames on July 17.

A drama which constitutes "a cry of alarm and a demand to act on the question of the absorption of squats and slums on our territory", writes the municipality in a letter addressed this Monday to Jean Castex, the Prime Minister.

15,000 homeless in Marseille

“Almost 15,000 people are homeless. 41,000 applications for social housing are pending while 1,573 households were recognized as priorities in Marseille in 2020, for a potential of 615 vacant housing in the prefectural contingent in the city, ”details the elected. In addition 1,500 live in unworthy conditions, squats, as was in part the Flamants building, or shanty towns, he continues in his letter.

Despite the recent trials and municipal work initiated in particular with the State services, "the entanglements and complexity lead to a form of inefficiency which is not up to the urgency of the situation", considers Benoît Payan, who thus calls for "the establishment of States-General aimed at the absorption of squats, shanty towns and unworthy settlements in the city of Marseille as soon as possible".


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