On the morning of the 26th, a system malfunction occurred on Japan Airlines' domestic flights, and boarding procedures were temporarily unavailable at airports throughout Japan, including Haneda Airport.

Everything was restored in the morning, and Japan Airlines is investigating the cause.

According to Japan Airlines, at around 9:25 am on the 26th, a problem occurred in the system related to domestic flight operations, and boarding procedures could not be performed at Haneda Airport, Osaka Airport, and New Chitose Airport, and the aircraft was temporarily suspended. It means that the takeoff was postponed.

All the problems were recovered by about 10:50 am, and boarding procedures and operations were resumed. Although there are no flights canceled at this time, it is expected that delays and other effects will remain until the evening of the 26th.

Japan Airlines is calling for investigation of the cause of the problem and for checking the latest flight information on its website.

Affects airports around the world At Fukuoka Airport

At the departure reception counter of Japan Airlines at Fukuoka Airport, a guide was displayed on the monitor informing about system malfunctions and interruptions in boarding procedures, and passengers were seen inquiring about the situation.

All the problems were recovered by about 10:50 am, so Japan Airlines resumed boarding procedures and operations in sequence.

There are no canceled flights at this time, but flights to and from Fukuoka Airport are delayed by up to an hour or more for three flights after 11:00 am.

At Kagoshima Airport

At Kagoshima Airport, there were long lines around the counter for people who visited the airport to board.

The system has been restored after about an hour and a half, and operations have been resumed in sequence, but the flights between Japan Airlines and Japan Air Commuter, which depart and arrive at Kagoshima Airport and remote island airports, are delayed.

At Naha Airport

There was a delay in flights to and from Naha Airport, and there was a long line of passengers at the counter.

The problem was resolved in about an hour, but due to this, some flights to and from Naha Airport were delayed, and there was a long line at the counter with passengers checking their baggage.

A man in his twenties who was on a business trip to Ishigaki Island said, "I want you to guide me as soon as possible, but I can't help it."

A man in his 50s, who is also on a business trip to Ishigaki Island, said, "I would like you to avoid this situation if possible. If you delay any further, it will affect your work, which is a problem."

At New Chitose Airport

At New Chitose Airport, many passengers lined up at the counter of Nippon Air Service in the morning and it was crowded.

According to Japan Airlines, the problem was resolved at 10:42 am, but so far there has been a delay of up to an hour.

A man in his 40s in Sapporo said, "I was planning to go back to my parents' house in Osaka, but I can only say that I was unlucky. I want to finish the procedure early and relax."