It is with "understanding" that they wait.

Sunday, a worker died on a construction site near the Massy-Palaiseau station due to a landslide.

The tragedy led to an interruption in TGV traffic at Montparnasse station.

This Monday morning, faces are glued to the display screens, where there are still some delays.

Marliacy is one of the travelers forced to postpone their trip the day before, she who intends to return home with her children to Châtellerault, near Poitiers.

“We're coming back from vacation.

Our train was first delayed before being completely canceled last night.

We slept with my brother who lives in Paris.

Today we have been there since 7 am this morning, and our 7:37 am train has been canceled, same thing for the 9:36 am ”, list“ tired ”the mother of the family.

His sister Tabar is worried: “I had to get back to work today, I'm waiting to see.

The two women had to exchange their tickets at the counter for lack of additional communication.

"It's tiring," sighs Marliacy.

Understanding despite some delays

Sisters Afidja and Haby experienced a similar delay, with a back-up solution provided by SNCF. “Yesterday evening we were assigned to a hotel with our father. This morning, we were told to get on any train back to Vannes. "Blocked for five hours the day before, the two young girls put into perspective:" We are not going to complain, underlines the eldest. Some had babies. We were lucky to have a good sleeping solution. "

“For the moment, the traffic is gradually resuming, we are doing our best,” details Damien, seasonal agent of the SNCF. Traffic should resume its course, although there are still some delays in the morning. Overall, people have been very understanding. It changes ”Julien returns from Ivory Coast, he is far from being annoyed by the 10 minutes delay of his train. “I don't mind, I'm on vacation. Ten minutes is really no big deal. "

Corentin and a friend are delighted.

"We are waiting for the first train which is not late", he announces in search of rest in Lorient.

Margot was not so lucky: “I had to shift my schedule after the cancellation last night.

I had to take a train to Tours to get back to work.

As for Lydia, the latter will still have to wait before arriving in Nantes with her son Nathan.

His train will be 25 minutes late, displays the departures screen.

“It's the daily lot of travelers,” she comments.

“I left early to anticipate, in the end we wait.

I hope to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.



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