China News Service, Zhengzhou, July 25 (Reporter Liu Peng and Han Zhangyun) On the afternoon of July 25, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held the fourth flood control emergency press conference.

According to reports, as of 12 o'clock on the 25th, the number of victims in Henan's heavy rains has increased to 63, and another 5 people are missing.

  At the press conference, Li Changxun, deputy director of the Henan Emergency Management Department, notified the latest situation of flood prevention and disaster relief work in the province: According to preliminary statistics, as of 12:00 on the 25th, this round of heavy rainfall caused 1464 in 139 counties (cities, districts) in Henan Province. 11.447800 people in towns and villages were affected by the disaster, 63 people were killed and 5 people were missing.

The province has evacuated 861,900 people in emergency, and the current emergency resettlement population is 852,000 (a total of 1.3178 million people have been transferred and resettled), and 296,000 people are in need of emergency living assistance; the affected area of ​​crops is 876.6 thousand hectares, and there are 8,876 houses in 24,474 collapsed houses. .

  On July 24, Henan officials re-emphasized and redeployed the flood prevention and disaster relief work. The Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued 5 emergency notices on emergency response, water conservancy, housing construction, health and health commission, agriculture and rural areas, and rescue team service guarantees. All efforts are required to do a good job in rescue and disaster relief and post-disaster repair and reconstruction.

  On the same day, the whole province of Henan invested in flood rescue and rescue work mainly in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Zhoukou, Hebi, Kaifeng, Xuchang and other six cities to carry out rescue work such as reinforcement of dams, rescue personnel, evacuation and transfer, drainage and drainage.

There were more than 56,000 rescuers and more than 5,900 equipment (sets).

The social rescue team invested 201 units, 3021 people, and 780 equipment (sets) to participate in rescue and rescue, completed 726 rescue missions, and transferred more than 6,100 people.

  According to reports, at present, all expressways in Henan Province have been opened to traffic, and the evacuation of stranded passengers from various places has been completed. Except for the Zhengzhou-Luoyang section of the Zhengzhou-Luoyang section of the Zheng-Tai high-speed rail line, the Pu-Tai railway line, and the Longhai line, other lines have returned to normal, and the Zhengzhou airport has normal ups and downs. .

  In terms of restoration of water-damaged projects, more than 18,000 water-damaged projects have occurred in Henan Province.

The Henan Provincial Water Conservancy Department has made specific arrangements and issued 79.6 million yuan to repair water damage to water conservancy projects.

  The Henan Provincial Health Commission issued the "Technical Specifications for Preventive Disinfection in Flood-Stricken Areas", established 2 steering groups, 2 health and epidemic prevention teams, and organized 5 flood prevention and disaster relief medical teams to guide work in Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and other places. And organize all localities to strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Zhengzhou City has organized 111 teams of 15047 professionals to carry out the killing.

  The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Henan Province sent 9 working groups and 8 expert guidance groups to investigate and understand the situation in the hardest-hit areas, assess the impact of the disaster, and improve the technical plan for production recovery. The state reserves 50,000 kilograms of spinach and cabbage seeds for disaster relief and preparedness in Henan Province, which can sown 120,000 mu; Henan seed industry companies can provide more than 500,000 mu of disaster relief vegetable seeds. Farmland drainage, replanting and replanting, and prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases are being organized and advanced. (Finish)