A policeman kills a student for not wearing a mask in Congo

A policeman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo killed a student who was not wearing a mask while filming a video clip on the streets of the capital, witnesses confirmed Sunday.

Bassian O'Dea, who was present during the incident, recounted: "Our friend Onori Shama, a student at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kinshasa, was shooting a video as part of the requirements for applied work in acting."

He added, “A policeman asked him to put a mask on during filming. Despite Shama’s explanations and after I showed him the mask, the policeman, who was expecting to be offered money, got angry, accused him of resistance, and shot him at close range.

Kinshasa police chief, General Silvano Kasong, said the policeman responsible for the shooting escaped, and the city police were looking for him.

He pointed out that the police arrested two policemen who were present during the accident, which happened because of their irresponsible colleague. As well as the head of a local police station. He added, "The search is continuing to find the fugitive policeman."

Wearing a mask is mandatory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with violators fined 10,000 Congolese francs.

In Kinshasa, the police are regularly accused of harassment, and of withholding money they collect from offenders who do not wear a mask. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has recorded 47,786 cases of "Covid-19", and 1,021 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.