5 people were killed in a road traffic accident on Qinglan Expressway in Jingchuan County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province

  According to the Pingliang Municipal Party Committee Office of the Communist Party of China: At about 14:10 on July 26, Henan driver Li Hongjie drove a Henan AX5006 large-scale ordinary passenger car (with a nuclear load of 63 people and a real load of 63 people) from Zhengyang County, Henan Province to Xinjiang, passing At 1,487 kilometers from Luohandong Section in Jingchuan County, Qinglan Expressway, the vehicle rolled over when driving out of the road. The accident has caused 5 deaths.

  After the accident, the Pingliang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government instructed Jingchuan County to immediately organize the traffic police department, emergency management department, fire rescue brigade and medical rescue forces to carry out on-site rescue. The injured are being transferred to Jingchuan County People’s Hospital for treatment.

The details of the accident are being further verified.

(Headquarters reporter Wang Yan, Wang Peng, Yang Qingbo)