Vaccinations are being carried out at medical institutions in Tokyo as the competition begins in earnest on the 24th, one night after the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

Of these, 60 were vaccinated at the clinic of Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association in Higashikurume, Tokyo.

Most of the people who received the vaccination on the 24th are elderly people aged 65 and over, and this is the second vaccination.

In the waiting room, people who finished the vaccination were watching the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics on TV.

A woman in her 70s said, "I'm a little relieved after the second vaccination. I feel like going out after the Olympics, but I want to refrain from going out and continue taking measures to prevent infection." I was talking.

Chairman Ozaki said, "It is a complicated feeling that the Olympics have begun and the desire to support athletes and the number of infected people will increase. As a medical professional, there is nothing special just because the Olympics have begun, and we provide general medical care. However, we will only proceed with vaccination. I hope that you will continue to take measures against infection. "