An Australian host registered on Airbnb was suspended by the platform after refusing the rental of her accommodation to a couple vaccinated against Covid-19, reports

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The host justified her decision by explaining that she was not accommodating anyone vaccinated "due to reports of side effects" in her accommodation, located in the state of Victoria.

According to her, the vaccine "is also transmitted to unvaccinated people and makes them sick".

"I'm afraid it's too experimental at this point and I have to protect my other guests."

I am very sorry for this inconvenience, ”she added.

Following this response, the couple alerted the Airbnb platform, also reports the English media.

Airbnb did not react immediately

But first, Airbnb indicated that the platform's current terms and conditions did not prevent a host from refusing a rental on the pretext of any vaccination.

The information then spread in the press and it was at this point that American society backed down.

“After completing our investigation into this matter, we suspended the host in question.

It is important that everyone closely follows official health guidelines from local authorities as we all continue to do our part to fight Covid-19, ”said Derek Nolan, Airbnb's Public Policy Officer for Australia .


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