A Syrian student defeats fanaticism in Britain..the judiciary does justice to him after a wave of bullying and social ostracism

  • Sajid Javid re-posted on Twitter pictures of the reception of student Jamal Hegazy

  • Sajid Javid re-posted on Twitter pictures of the reception of student Jamal Hegazy


The British Minister of Health defended, in several tweets, on his Twitter account, the Syrian student Jamal Hijazi, for whom the British judiciary issued a court ruling in his favour, in which he condemned a well-known fanatical right-wing figure, who had previously caused a wave of bullying and social ostracism for the Syrian youth, but The court found Stephen Yaxley Lennon guilty and fined him £100,000.

The right-wing fanatic had posted videos within a park and a sports stadium, claiming that the right-wing activist was “attacking English girls for racist reasons.” He also added, during his posting of the clip on his Facebook account, that Hegazy was “hitting a black girl and a blonde girl,” and “He threatened to stab another boy in his school,” things the Syrian student would never do.

These direct accusations by the right-wing activist of the Syrian student, created around him an alienating and bullying environment, as he said in previous press statements that he and his family had to leave their home, and he also made a decision to leave school to avoid the bullying he faced, and that the abusive treatment he received from the population environment Some of whom were making the allegations of the right-wing activist, but it created scars and psychological impact within him that will not be erased.

British Minister Sajid Javid, according to “Sky News,” republished the news of the Yemeni character’s condemnation, adding a brief phrase, “This is good.” He also re-published photos of his gathering with the Syrian youth Jamal Hijazi and his family two years ago, when he was Minister of Interior at the time, commenting, “We are honored Meet Jamal, who came to Britain with his family as refugees from Syria.

His courage really inspired me, we must not let bullies win and people fleeing conflict must be welcomed with open arms.”

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