China Youth Daily Client Xingtai, July 23 (China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter Zhu Hongyuan) This morning, a China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Neiqiu County Party Committee of Xingtai City, Hebei Province that a village cadre in the county During the flood control process, he was killed on duty, and another village cadre lost contact. The search and rescue is still ongoing.

  According to the Xingtai Meteorological Observatory, from 08:00 on July 20 to 07:00 on 22nd, the average precipitation in Xingtai city was 116.9 millimeters. 15 stations above 250 millimeters appeared in Lincheng, Neiqiu, Xindu District, and Shahe, with the largest precipitation in the inner hills. 359.7 mm.

  After heavy rainfall occurred in Neiqiu County, Xingtai City, cadres at all levels throughout the county fought continuously to carry out flood prevention and disaster relief work.

In the early morning of July 22, two village cadres in Taoyuan Village, Houjiazhuang Township, Neiqiu County, lost contact during the inspection of the resettlement sites and the flood situation.

  After the incident, Xingtai City and Neiqiu County made every effort to search and rescue immediately.

At present, a village cadre has been searched and rescued. He was sent to the hospital to confirm that he has no vital signs and died on duty.

Another village cadre is in full search and rescue.