Bamboo carving, also called bamboo carving, is to carve a variety of decorative patterns and characters on bamboo objects, or use bamboo roots to carve various furnishings.

  Recently, the reporter walked into Shanzhu Workshop in Chongqing and was attracted by the dazzling array of bamboo handicrafts.

These handicrafts include bamboo chopsticks, bamboo incense burners, bamboo slips books, bamboo umbrellas, etc., on which are carved a variety of Chongqing regional cultural patterns.

Among them, bamboo chopsticks are carved with elements such as the Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, the cableway across the river, the mountain city trail, and the stilted building, which means happy Chongqing and one bamboo.

The incense burner is carved with Jiugongge hot pot, which is not only ornamental, but also able to meet people's daily needs.

According to Xu Jing, the founder of the workshop, as a carrier of cultural inheritance, cultural and creative products are currently integrated into the life of the public. Combining bamboo carving art with Chongqing elements, they can share bamboo carvings, convey bamboo carving culture, and promote and enhance art hobbies. The aesthetic appeal of the visitors has enabled more tourists to "bring home" the regional cultural characteristics of Chongqing.

(Gao Luyan Xing Huang Weizheng produced by Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]