China News Online, July 23 (Wang Ji) In order to help more outstanding original literary works stand on the stage of international exchange, Shanghai Translation Publishing House has formally established the International Copyright Center a few days ago to act as an agency for the translation copyrights of Chinese writers.

The center has already produced results in the preparation stage: the young writer Shuang Xuetao’s representative work "Moses on the Plain" was exported to Italy and published in the country in April this year, and the English copyright was also exported recently. It will be published by Henry Hall, a famous American literary publishing house. Special Publishing House will be published in the spring of 2022; the English version of Shanghai poet Wang Yin’s poems will be published by New York Book Review Press.

  As the largest comprehensive translation publishing house in China, Shanghai Translation Publishing House has introduced and published a large number of modern and contemporary foreign literature and social science books over the past 40 years, and has accumulated a wide range of international publishing resources.

In order to more effectively promote Chinese literary works to the international market, the agency decided to cooperate with domestic high-quality copyright operation companies to jointly build an international copyright center.

Successfully introduced the works of "Chat Records" and "Normal People" by the emerging Irish writer Sally Rooney, and the Islands Books of the collection of Irish national treasure writer Tobin became the first partner.

  Han Weidong, president of Shanghai Translation Publishing House, said that Chinese literature "going out" is an important part of showing the soft power of Chinese culture.

In recent years, Chinese writers represented by Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Mai Jia, Liu Cixin, etc. have been widely published in countries around the world and have achieved impressive results.

However, compared with China's rapidly rising national strength, the overall influence of Chinese literature in the world is still far from enough.

Shanghai Translation Publishing House is willing to combine its own advantages to explore a pragmatic and effective copyright export road that is more in line with the commercial laws of the international publishing industry.

  It is reported that Peng Lun, who founded and published the brand Islands Books in 2017, has been acting as an agent for the translation copyrights of writers such as Jin Yucheng, Xiaobai, and Shuang Xuetao since 2018. In just two or three years, he has obtained good copyright output results; Shanghai Translation Publishing House It owns many international first-line writers such as Borges, Kazuo Ishiguro, Haruki Murakami, McEwan, Atwood, Milan Kundera, Duras, etc. It is a Chinese publishing house widely recognized by the international publishing industry.

The cooperation between the two parties will share resources and accelerate the progress of copyright export.

  In the next step, the International Copyright Center of Shanghai Translation Publishing House will focus on recommending the classic masterpieces of writer Lin Bai, "One Man's War", "Lai Ci from the North" and Zheng Zhi's novel "Sheng Tun".