Before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was held on the 23rd, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's aerobatics team "Blue Impulse" flew over the national stadium, which is the main stadium.

"Blue Impulse" belonging to the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima Air Base in Miyagi Prefecture flew over the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office at around 0:40 pm on the 23rd at the arrival ceremony of the Holy Fire Relay, and the Olympic colors blue, yellow, black, green, I drew a line with each of the five red "color smokes".

Then, at around 0:50 pm, I arrived at a place about 1500 meters above the national stadium where the opening ceremony was held, put out five colors of "color smoke", and flew in a circle.

"Blue Impulse" will fly over Tokyo on the 24th of next month when the opening ceremony of the Paralympics will be held, and draw a line in the sky with the three colors "color smoke" used for the symbol mark. It's a schedule.