[Explanation] Affected by heavy rainfall, in recent days, the main drainage channels in cities such as Weihe and Communism Canal in Xinxiang, Henan have been in danger of flooding.

On July 23, the reporter came to the breach of Weihe Xinxiang section.

This place is located at the junction of the three places. The burst of the embankment caused the rivers to invert each other, and the accumulated water in Xinxiang City could not be discharged.

  [Concurrent] Liu Dazheng, Captain of Fengqiu Brigade, Xinxiang City Fire Brigade

  We are now at the junction of the three places in Muye District, Weihui City, Fengquan District, Xinxiang City.

As you can see, here is one of our flood discharge channels, and the back side is a waterlogged drainage channel Weihe. Now these two channels are relatively close in this place, because it means the rainstorm the day before yesterday and yesterday. Continuous rainstorms.

Now the cofferdam of this interconnection project has been washed out.

If the leakage cannot be stopped, the two rivers will continue to flow back into each other, and the water in Xinxiang will no longer be drained. Therefore, it is said that it will continue to cause flooding in Xinxiang City.

  [Commentary] The reporter saw at the scene that the officers and soldiers of the Armed Police Force and local firefighters were fully engaged in the rescue.

  [Concurrent] Liu Dazheng, Captain of Fengqiu Brigade, Xinxiang City Fire Brigade

  The cofferdam should be re-filled and enclosed, and the embankment should be re-designated as a flood drainage canal and the other as a drainage canal. There is a division between the two canals.

Our fire rescue brigade has invested a total of about 30 people. Now the (construction machinery) master has already started work on the opposite side. Now we still have to fill some sandbags, including sandbags, including some preparations for tools. Once the construction machinery is on both sides After the distance between us was shortened, we started to plug the gap together with construction machinery.

  [Explanation] From the time of rescue and disaster relief, the on-site firefighters have been working continuously for nearly 72 hours.

But in order to block the breach as quickly as possible, he dared not rest for a moment.

  [Concurrent] Liu Dazheng, Captain of Fengqiu Brigade, Xinxiang City Fire Brigade

  If (the river embankment) is closed, the most important thing is the water of the Weihe River, it will not always maintain this high level.

We arrived at the scene after receiving an order from the detachment command center the night before. It has been two or three days now. The comrades have not eaten a bite of hot rice or drink a bite of hot water.

Anyway, comrades mean that they are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness, and do all kinds of dirty work.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng reports from Xinxiang, Henan

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]