, Beijing, July 23rd. On the 23rd, the summer animated film "White Snake 2: The Rise of the Green Snake" was released nationwide. The film was created by the original crew of "White Snake: Origin" and is a reference to the traditional Chinese myth. The reinterpretation of "The Legend of the White Snake".

At present, the film has accumulated nearly 360,000 people who want to watch it on Taopiao.

"White Snake 2: The Green Snake Tribulation" poster

  "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" mainly tells the story of Xiaobai being suppressed by Fahai at Leifeng Pagoda, Xiaoqing enters the Shura illusion in order to save Xiaobai, and experiences an adventure full of "love and robbery".

Director Huang Jiakang expressed that he hopes to better express and disseminate the traditional Chinese elements in the film through the newly upgraded technology.

  In order to visually present the core creative concept "obsession" in the film, the main creative team has carefully polished the script, hoping that on the basis of the spiritual core of the traditional story, it can fit the current youthful aesthetics, create with the times, and bring China Better inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.

  After "White Snake: Origin" was released in 2019, it was hailed as "the light of the country man" because of its moving story and aesthetic style.

As the latest sequel to the series, "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake" continues the production excellence and continues to achieve breakthroughs in technology.

  The film includes 16 production links, and the production cycle spans 358 days.

Director Huang Jiakang said that the classic scene of "Water Man Jinshan" was a major difficulty in production. While considering the changes of the scene, it was necessary to retain the unique style. In order to make the picture better, the related technology research and development was advanced 2 years in advance.

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  The film also witnessed the inheritance of domestic animation.

In the awards section of the closing ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Chang Guangxi, animator of "Nezha Naohai" and director of "Bao Lian Lan", took the stage to present the best animation award together with director Huang Jiakang.

The old and new generations of Chinese animators are looking forward to the development of national comics.

Huang Jiakang said that Chang Guangxi’s work "accompanies a generation of childhood through childhood", while director Chang Guangxi praised "White Snake: Origin", saying that "the innovative thinking and exploration of young animators has made the form of animation more and more Diversity".

  In "White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake", Xiaoqing is the heroine for the first time alone.

Director Huang Jiakang revealed that Xiaoqing will have more emotional expressions than the previous story.

In order to serve brand-new characters and stories, Chasing Animation has also made more upgrades and breakthroughs in technology and content.

  On top of the traditional "green snake" character image, Xiaoqing in the film also embodies a rich character hierarchy such as tenaciousness, perseverance, and independence. When Xiaobai was suppressed by Fahai under the Leifeng Pagoda, Xiaoqing rose up to resist. Faced with Fahai's admonition, Xiaoqing boldly issued an inner declaration: "I will not let go of this obsession in my heart, I will never." The image of a brave and strong "big heroine" was thus established. (Finish)