[Explanation] Over the past few days, many places in Henan have suffered from historically rare and continuous heavy rains, and the center of heavy rain in Zhengzhou has become "Zeguo".

The disaster in Zhengzhou affected the hearts of the people across the country, and rescue forces from all sides gathered here for a time.

Hubei, which is adjacent to Henan, dispatched professional and non-governmental rescue forces as soon as possible to provide emergency rescue and disaster relief.

  [Explanation] On the morning of July 22, the heavy rain in Zhengzhou first ceased.

Rescuers from the Aneng Wuhan Rescue Base in China have been pumping and draining for dozens of hours in the Jingguang North Road Tunnel in the West Square of Zhengzhou Railway Station.

The reporter saw at one end of the tunnel that an integrated pump truck was parked next to the tunnel, and the six pumps were "full on fire", continuously draining water from the tunnel.

  [Concurrent] Deng Yu, commander of China Aneng Wuhan Rescue Base

  So far the water level has dropped by about 2.5 meters, and the power we pumped out per hour is about 15,000 cubic meters, and then we preliminary estimated that if there is no heavy rainfall, it may be able to pump out within 18 hours.

  [Explanation] Many Zhengzhou citizens expressed their gratitude to the rescuers from Hubei at the extraction site. Gao Yumin, who has worked in Zhengzhou for many years, told reporters that the water in the tunnel was still level with the road last night. Down.

  [Concurrent] Gao Yumin, a citizen of Zhengzhou

  That’s very touching. Yesterday was the day we rained, but the company didn’t come out. The next day, the water disappeared. If it rained a little bit, I came back quickly. I felt that there were a lot of rescues on the road anyway. I felt very touched and touched. Chinese power is feasible.

  [Explanation] In the urban area of ​​Zhengzhou, the reporter came across Chen Peng, a tow truck driver from Huangpi District, Wuhan.

After learning about the Zhengzhou disaster from the news, Chen Peng and 14 other tow truck drivers in Wuhan came to support spontaneously.

  [Concurrent] Volunteer Chen Peng

  During the epidemic (during the period), we are (get), and other people come to support from other places, and then if there is a problem here, we will come over and help. If one side is in difficulty, all parties support.

  [Explanation] Yang Sheng from Jianli, Hubei also came to Zhengzhou spontaneously. He told reporters that the stagnant water on the main roads of Zhengzhou is gradually receding, and vehicles that have broken down on the road can be seen everywhere, which has a relatively large impact on traffic travel. Although personal strength is limited, it is also Hope to make a contribution.

  [Concurrent] Volunteer Yang Sheng

  It's just that one party is in trouble and all parties support it. If you can help, do your best.

  [Explanation] The disaster caused by the heavy rain in Henan affects the hearts of the people across the country.

As of 17:00 on July 22, the number of rescuers from Hubei to Henan reached 1,423.

Among them, the Hubei Fire Rescue Corps has a total of 414 people.

  Reporting from Zhengzhou, Henan by reporter Hao Zou and Qin Zhang

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】