In response to the sudden outbreak, Nanjing started to carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city from the 21st.

How about the food basket and market supply of Nanjing citizens?

The reporter visited Nanjing's largest agricultural and sideline product logistics center and many supermarkets and learned that the market is currently in sufficient supply and prices are stable.

In the Nanjing Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Center, the merchants in the market are busy, and the agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables and fruits are abundant, and everything is stable and orderly.

  Gu Yue, a merchant who has been operating in the market for 7 years, said: “The vegetable market price has not fluctuated, is relatively stable, and is the same as the previous period. The daily purchase and shipment volume is about 30 tons, everything is normal.” At present, the logistics center mobilizes merchants, Actively organize the supply of goods to ensure adequate supply in the market.

This logistics center also opened up a space of 240,000 square meters as a temporary operating area when the epidemic broke out. Under emergency conditions, it can ensure the continued operation of the market and ensure that the supply of agricultural products is not out of stock and continuous.

  "We guarantee the supply of 3,500 tons of vegetables, 2,500 tons of fruits, and 2,000 tons of grains and oils per day to meet the 7 to 10 days market guarantee in Nanjing. There are also 2,300 tons of vegetables in the warehouse, 10,000 tons of vegetables in the field, and agricultural and sideline products. The price is stable.” said Tong Shuping, deputy general manager of Nanjing Zhongcai Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.

  At the entrance of a supermarket in Jiangning District, Nanjing, the reporter saw that customers could enter the supermarket after showing their health code and taking a temperature measurement.

In the supermarket, all kinds of commodities, especially vegetables, fruits and meat, are readily available.

Chen Bing, general manager of the supermarket, said: “Our 700 large and small outlets are going all out to ensure the supply of civilian biological and epidemic prevention materials. Our logistics center is also working overtime to ensure two supplies a day for the general public who come to our stores. They can buy enough pork, eggs, grain, oil and other civilian materials, as well as epidemic prevention materials."

  At present, the Nanjing Municipal Department of Commerce has launched a daily price monitoring system to monitor prices and supply quantities of 1 key trading market, 9 key farmer’s markets and 14 pork circulation and wholesale trading companies in the city to ensure that Nanjing citizens’ food baskets.” Good products are abundant".

Shen Yan, Director of the Vegetable Basket Project Office of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced: “Because many retail companies have warehouses in the Jiangning District’s closed area, we coordinated with Jiangning District to actively adopt relevant policies to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. Next, open a green channel to replenish our goods, and then ship them out to supply the market to ensure market supply.” (CCTV reporter Yang Shouhua Li Qilong)