Board games, script kills, escape rooms

  Ninety percent of respondents believe that offline games will become a new way for young people to socialize

  73.9% of respondents feel that this type of game helps expand their social circles

  Nowadays, games such as board games, secret rooms, and script killing are becoming more and more popular among young people.

In addition to providing young people with the experience of role-playing and brain-burning reasoning, this type of game also requires players to be more involved to meet the social needs of young people.

  Recently, the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 1543 respondents through the questionnaire network. It showed that 83.6% of the respondents had socialized with offline games, and 73.9% of the respondents felt that this type of game is useful. To help expand the social circle and increase offline contacts, 90.2% of the respondents believe that offline gaming socialization will become a new way for young people to socialize.

  Among the interviewees, post-00s accounted for 24.9%, post-90s accounted for 51.6%, post-80s accounted for 19.9%, post-70s accounted for 3.1%, and others accounted for 0.5%.

  84.1% of respondents like to socialize offline games

  After 90s, Zhao Li only played a few script kills and escaped rooms, but she found this kind of game very interesting.

"After a game is played, it will basically last for several hours. When immersed in it, you will feel that time flies quickly." Zhao Li remembered that the first time she went to play script killing with a friend, she was fighting with a few strangers. I wrote a historical script, which not only has characters such as scholars and knights, but also corresponding costumes and props. "I have a strong sense of substitution. I am still playing games with my friends at night, which is not enough."

  "Even if you don’t know people before, a script can connect everyone together." Zhao Li likes some "hard-core" reasoning games, because in this process they need to constantly communicate and interact with other players to connect them together. The story is very brainstorming.

  "In the secret room, you can experience a small adventure with your good friends. It is very interesting to find a way to solve the puzzle together. Some immersive script killings can realize a'detective' dream and solve the case by reasoning and finding clues. Play. For board games, you can chat while playing, and everyone will also play a lot of novel games." Xu Nai (a pseudonym) from a university in Beijing likes offline social games very much. He thinks that when playing offline social games, you can Letting strangers get acquainted quickly is a good way to break the social ice. For those who are familiar, they can participate in the game together to enhance collaboration and tacit understanding.

  In the survey, 83.6% of respondents have conducted offline game socialization, and 84.1% of respondents like offline game socialization.

  Junior Zhang Danni has played a lot of script kills and board games. She feels that offline games can not only maintain existing social relationships, so that friends gatherings are no longer limited to eating and shopping, but also can gradually develop online social networking to online under.

"Some students were not familiar with it before, and if you want to get in touch with them, you can make appointments to play this type of game.

  In the survey, 67.8% of the respondents felt that offline game socialization attracts young people because of the large number of participants. The social circle has been continuously expanded through the formation of the game. 65.5% of the respondents felt that there is more direct communication in face-to-face games. , 59.6% of the respondents felt that role-playing, reasoning, and social interaction were more interesting.

Others include: break the ice with the help of game topics, reduce cold spots (53.0%), learn more about the opponent (40.6%) in completing the task setting, the game is easy to learn, and it is easier to communicate (30.5%), etc.

  Wang Pan (pseudonym) works as a part-time clerk at a script-killing venue in Chaoyang District, Beijing. She likes to read mystery novels. Because of a detective variety show, she likes to play script-killing games.

Now she works part-time as a game host, and she also conceives some small scripts.

Wang Pan said that most of the people who come to play the script-killing game are young people. Some like reasoning, and some are for gatherings and team building. “It will be very popular on the weekend, and some games need to be reserved in advance”.

  Wang Pan feels that offline games have enriched young people's ways of socializing. "Such games allow young people living on the Internet to have more face-to-face social networking opportunities and more interactive."

  90.2% of respondents believe that offline games will become a new way for young people to socialize

  Zhang Wu Fan, a college student from Shanxi, first experienced the script-killing game with curiosity. Later, he was attracted by the "immersive experience" of the game and would play with friends when he had time.

Zhang Wufan feels that in recent years, offline game social networking has been very popular among young people. Compared with traditional entertainment activities, this type of game is more novel.

  Zhang Danni said that most of the script kills she has played have sex requirements for roles, usually the number of men and women is equal. She feels that playing with the opposite sex that she is not familiar with, she can observe and understand the other person’s thinking and behavior characteristics, "you can understand more intuitively. A person, and can also avoid "awkward chat", even if it is not for social purposes, you can still feel fun in the game."

  Regarding the role played by offline games in social interaction, 73.9% of the respondents felt that it was helpful to expand their social circle and increase offline contacts, and 70.5% of the respondents felt that the limitations of online social networking could be avoided, and social interaction was more realistic. .

  “It’s easy to get overwhelmed at parties and don’t know what to do. In games, it’s easier for everyone to relax and talk freely.” Zhang Wufan feels that offline games can alleviate social embarrassment very well, and compared with online games. , Offline games concentrate time, allowing people to immerse themselves in game interaction for hours, and communicate with friends more efficiently. "The immersive nature of the game can drive the emotions of participants, and the sense of experience and participation is very strong. ".

  Zhao Li feels that after playing for a few hours, in addition to the joyful experience of the game, there will be other gains. "Some scripts will have a strong emotional immersion, and you will be substituted into the character unknowingly. There are also some secret rooms. Games, themes are related to our daily lives, such as educational concepts, technological ethics, etc.".

  "Usually when friends gather and chat, you will involuntarily want to swipe your phone. But in a compact game, you don't want to touch your phone at all." Zhao Li feels that offline games are social, and it is also true for introverts. More friendly, "Don't worry about having no topics, chatting will not be too awkward. If you are a person with a strong desire to express, you can also act with great acting skills."

  The data shows that 60.6% of the respondents feel that offline game socialization can create more common topics and reduce "awkward chats" and other situations. 46.3% of the respondents feel that such games can change the fragmented social mode and make social networking more in-depth .

  Zhang Wufan feels that the offline game industry is now booming, and related game themes cater to market trends and the preferences of young people, and they can get the attention of young people.

For people who want to expand their social circle, through the game, you can meet some new friends with the same hobbies, "I think it is a faster and effective way to make friends."

  In the survey, 90.2% of respondents believe that offline games will become a new way for young people to socialize, and the proportion of respondents born in the 1990s who think it will be even higher (92.0%).

  China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Sun Shan intern Chen Wenqi