, Urumqi, July 22 (Tao Shuanke) "The crochet my daughter played with changed my life and made me have a very fulfilling life in the past few years. The works I completed with small crochets are constantly bringing to my family Come and be happy." Xu Jingfei, who lives in Fukang City, Xinjiang, said on the 21st.

  In 2007, Xu Jingfei felt that there was a problem with his physical discomfort. “The first feeling was that the whole body was uncomfortable. In 2008, he had a pain in his back when he walked and worked, and he couldn’t get out of bed to work. Get more rest, and soon your body will be overdrawn." Xu Jingfei said.

  In 2009, Xu Jingfei was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis.

"That year I felt that the sky was about to collapse. I was in a state of semi-paralysis, and I felt pain everywhere. I couldn't work at all. I used the money I earned to come to see a doctor." Xu Jingfei said.

  Xu Jingfei began to seek medical treatment, but his condition has not improved.

From 2009 to 2013, Xu Jingfei has been lying in the hospital bed, eating his old money, and the family relied on his wife to collect waste products to make a living.

"One day in 2013, my daughter was playing with the crochet hook she picked up. I asked her gently if she could show it to me because I was lying in bed and could not get out of bed. Crochet also aroused my curiosity. I started to use my daughter’s crochet hooks to figure out simple things. Later, I asked my wife to buy me some wool and I crochet some simple toys to let the family see if my work could attract other people’s attention. "Xu Jingfei said.

  He recalled: “At that time, I continued to modify the works that were hooked, and repeated several times. I felt that my work was really good, and it was considered a complete work. In 2015, community officials contacted me and encouraged me to participate. A crochet technique contest. That time was too important for me, and it was also the key to change my crochet skills. I learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and the basic operations of crochet and art. I began to learn not only in theory. , We must also combine practice to create works."

  In 2016, with the help of the local community, Xu Jingfei sold his work for the first time. Unexpectedly, he sold more than 5,000 yuan on the first day, and the previous works were sold out.

"These works are related to life, such as Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang, Avanti, some cute animals, giant pandas, including pen holder sofa cushions, etc. I finished them with colored wool, but I didn't expect these to be very cute." Xu Jingfei said.

  This year, Xu Jingfei registered a trademark for his work again.

Xu Jingfei's works are full of artistic sense. Many of his works are related to local customs, with strong artistic sense, realistic modeling and unique style.

  In the past five years, he has hooked out more than 1,000 works with an income of about 100,000 yuan. While fighting the disease, he not only gained the value of life, but also helped his family.