• Three methods to pluck the eyebrows (thread, wax and tweezers) and one destination: hitting the perfect shape

  • The depilatory cream, an easy, comfortable and cheap way to not have an extra hair

We will not go into whether the pandemic times and the use of masks have hidden facial hair that is less cared for and depilated than usual - there each one with what they have hidden, done or not done in the privacy of their homes.

But we are going to sink our teeth into the issue of

facial hair removal

and what is the best way to eliminate the hairs that grow on

the lip, on the cheekbones

- yes, it is also removed - and

on the chin,

which come out with age. to the hormonal revolution.

For this, several experts in different techniques tell us the ins and outs, pros, cons and all kinds of details about

facial hair removal.

Wax, a classic


continues to be the most widely used facial hair removal method, according to

Estrella Pujol,

from the Oxigen center (Barcelona).

The reason is simple: it allows you to cover a

lot of space

in a short time.

It is ideal for ...

Areas such as

the upper lip

where high precision is not required.


It pulls the hair out by the roots allowing us to forget about it

for 20-25 days.

From The Lab Room (Madrid), where they use a

special wax

that does not adhere as much to the skin but still effectively pulls the hair out, they emphasize that this does not cause as much reaction or allergy as others and is the way to remove

all the fluff.


Estrella Pujol points out that if it is made with

hot wax,

it is not the best option for

sensitive skin.

And in mature and fine skin it can cause


if not done properly.

It can also cause the appearance of


if the area is not disinfected well after waxing.


In Oxigen they offer the service as a complement to the facial protocols.

In The Lab Room, the lip and chin each cost

6 euros

and the cheeks

12 euros.

The tweezers, complementary and for difficult hair

The use of

the forceps is

not usually a procedure by itself, but is used

as a complement to wax,

for example, in areas where great precision is needed, as Pujol says.

They also need the force of the tweezers, they say from The Lab Room, those

hard, black hairs

that grow isolated and that the wax does not manage to remove well.

Nothing like the tweezers to eliminate stubborn hair that resists wax.

Threading, for sensitive skin and to avoid wrinkles


cotton threading

is a technique that is necessary the use of

a thread 100% cotton

and the professional skill of hands.

"It has its origins in ancient

India and Persia

and consists of the extraction of hair from any area of ​​the facial region," explains

Patricia Perdomo,

Sundara's chief operating officer.

It is ideal for ...

Very young clients who want to start in the world of waxing the region of the upper lip and sideburns, since it

weakens the hair

and does not allow a growth with a diameter greater than that which has been extracted.

It is also recommended for mature skin as it prevents the appearance of

wrinkles and flaccidity,

as the thread does not pull.



and sensitive


also benefit from this technique.


Threading is

precise and fast,

in 10 minutes it is done.

On the other hand, "with its continued use the hair growth is weakened and delayed: as it is used assiduously, the growth has a significant

progressive reduction",

says Perdomo.

It is not a totally painless method, but

the discomfort is less

than the pull of the wax.

A sine qua non condition ...

To be able to carry out a correct extraction,

a hair length of at least 2 millimeters is required.

Duration and prices.

A period of

two to three weeks

is the time it takes to regrow hair, and

up to four

in some cases.

In the chin area, when there is hair of greater diameter and that can usually be caused by

hormonal alterations,

then the intervals between one session and another

are shorter.

Prices in Sundara range from

5 euros for

the lip to

12 for the neck.

A full facial is

32 euros.

The laser on the lip can be used on medium or thick hair, it cannot with blonde fluff.

The laser, the definitive solution (or almost)

Josefina Royo, a

doctor at IML (Laser Medical Institute, Madrid)


that in areas such as the

perioral area, the chin, or the sideburns

, excellent results are obtained

with laser

hair removal

and are usually definitive, "although the patient should know that they are areas that can

partially repopulate with hair

even if all the differentiated hair matrices are eliminated, since cells remain latent that can be reactivated under the influence

of hormones ", he


It is ideal for ...


thick or medium hair.



short-pulse equipment

is the treatment of choice for the perioral region. In other facial regions, according to IML's experience, the equipment that works best is

Intense Pulsed Light, class IIIB and IV,

for medical use", Royo explains.

It can be performed in patients

of any age,

although it is advisable to begin laser hair removal once

pubertal development

has been completed


It does not work on ...

On the other hand, the laser is not effective

on lint, even less if it is blonde,

because it will not be sensitive to it or to pulsed light.

"Laser hair removal is not indicated for

white hair either

, it does not eliminate it", warns the expert.


At the time of the session it is desirable that

the hair is short,

"but we do not ask the patient to shave in any case when it comes to facial hair removal: if it is necessary to shorten the length, we do it just before the treatment ", clarifies the doctor.

Duration, prices ...

The treatment regimen begins by spacing the sessions

every six weeks

and then progressing to intervals

of eight,

until it requires revisions

every six months.

"Once the patient does not present hair, we are attentive to her contacting us in the event that some latent new hair appears that can potentially be activated," says Royo.

From the first session, the patient

is waxed

for a long period of time (from

about six to 10 weeks

depending on each case) that is increasingly spaced as the treatment progresses.


six sessions

of the perioral region are priced at

193 euros;

six on the chin,

251 euros.

Electric or electrolysis hair removal, goodbye to isolated, unruly and white hair

The isolated hairs, which can be

dark or white,

and are usually 'new' -many times due to hormonal causes-, appear on

the chin or upper lip.

Against them, nothing like

electric hair removal,

the only really definitive technique that can be applied on white hair, unlike laser.

"The downside is that it is

a slower process,

because you work hair by hair," explains Estrella Pujol.

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