[Explanation] In the early morning of July 22, the officers and soldiers of the Jiaozuo Detachment of the Henan Armed Police Corps had just withdrawn from the reinforced embankment of the Shahe Dike in Xiuwu County, and received an order to rescue more than 100 trapped people in Gaotun Village, Zhouzhuang Town, Xiuwu County. Officers and soldiers Rushed to the scene overnight to rescue.

[Explanation] Reporters at the scene saw that due to the strong rainfall, the water level rose rapidly, the water flow was rushing, and many water-filled houses were flooded. Rescue officers and soldiers used multiple assault boats and kayaks to rescue in groups.

[Simultaneous] Trapped villager Li Juan (it was too dark) did not see (armed police officers and soldiers), when he heard (the officers and soldiers shouting), it was like seeing a great savior.

[Explanation] At 6 o'clock in the morning on the 22nd, the officers and soldiers had been fighting on the front line of flood fighting for 16 hours and successfully moved 56 trapped people to safety.

[Simultaneous] Ma Zebao, head of the Jiaozuo Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps, suffered serious waterlogging in Gaotun Village at 1:30 in the morning. We just withdrew from the flood control line of strengthening the dam. Without stopping, we immediately transferred to the task of transferring the trapped masses in Gaotun Village. Officers and soldiers Continuously fighting for 16 hours, with practical actions to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the residents.

[Explanation] As of 9 o'clock in the morning, the armed police officers and soldiers were still fighting the flood and rescuing the trapped people.

Li Chaoqing, Liang Taicheng, Zeng Jinxu reports from Henan  

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]