[Explanation] With the spread of the global new crown epidemic, physical book fairs are often cancelled or postponed. This is a problem facing the publishing industry in promoting books.

On July 21, in order to break through the predicament, people from the Chinese publishing industry in Xiamen and the publishing industry in Thailand established an online copyright negotiation and trading platform through remote video conferences, creating good conditions for copyright owners to communicate across the ocean.

  [Explanation] This online copyright negotiation between the publishing industry in China and Thailand is part of the 5th Southeast Asia China Book Touring Exhibition. In the face of the global epidemic situation, this Touring Exhibition has created an overseas copyright exchange base, adopting "One-Site Guide + The “overseas landing + multi-party connection” model breaks through the dilemma of going abroad and realizes the transnational online “handshake” of copyright conference negotiations.

  [Concurrent] Gao Yihuan, Copyright Manager, Xiamen University Press

  Because of the epidemic, we are all forced to be locked in the gates of the country. An online platform like this is equivalent to building a bridge of barrier-free communication, and then eliminating the physical isolation between us. Then do it for us. Publishing work is a great convenience for the work of books going out, so we especially cherish having such a platform.

  [Explanation] In the afternoon of the same day, at the Xiamen Remote Command Center of the touring exhibition, the organizing committee team arranged for the Chinese and Thai publishing houses to conduct a one-to-one, screen-to-screen copyright connection.

Shen Xianyang, the organizer of the event and general manager of Xiamen Waitu Group Co., Ltd., said that Chinese modern novels, books on scientific and technological life, and books on Chinese culture are all very popular in Thailand.

  [Concurrent] Shen Xianyang, General Manager of Xiamen Waitu Group Co., Ltd.

  We have done a good job in these categories, and they are also in great demand. Therefore, Southeast Asia is a very important market for our Chinese publishing to go out because of the large population and rapid economic development. They are very interested in Chinese culture, and China’s Development in the world is a bit like a star, so they also chase stars, countries also chase stars, readers also chase stars, so they want to learn about China and Chinese culture through such publications.

  [Explanation] According to preliminary statistics, the first phase of the Fifth Southeast Asia China Book Tour Exhibition has held more than 100 online one-on-one copyright negotiations between Chinese and foreign publishing houses, and reached 356 copyright export cooperation intentions.

  Li Siyuan and Zhang Tingyu report from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]