Today (the 22nd), which is the epitome of seasonality, extreme heatwaves will prevail.

A heat wave warning is in effect all over the country, centering on the western part of the country.

Today, as the daytime high temperature in Seoul soars to 36 degrees, it is expected to record the highest heat again following yesterday. As the heat continues, the suffocating heat exceeding 35 degrees will continue for the time being.

You should also be careful about heat illness.

Currently, the sky is clear across the country, with occasional clouds passing by.

There will be some showers in the central and northern parts of Yeongseo today, and the rest of the area will be sunny all day.

As the sun shines so strongly, the UV index in most areas will rise to very high levels.

The daytime temperature will exceed 35 degrees in Seoul, 35 degrees in Daejeon, 36 degrees in Jeonju and Gwangju, and 35 degrees in the west.

There is no news of cool rain or showers for the time being, so it is expected that the sweltering heat will continue while it is clear.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)