Before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on the 23rd, the Tohoku House, an information dissemination base that emphasizes the appeal of Tohoku toward recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, has opened in Tokyo.

The "Tohoku House" was established at Akiba Square in Akihabara, Tokyo by an executive committee created by economic organizations and local governments in Tohoku.

On the 22nd, the governors of Miyagi and Aomori prefectures cut the tape to celebrate the opening.

At the venue, there is a panel that introduces messages of appreciation for the efforts and support of farmers and fisheries after the earthquake, and there is also a corner where you can experience traditional crafts of Tohoku such as painting red beetles in Fukushima. It was set up.

In addition, the corner that introduces more than 200 sake breweries in each region has a system that allows you to read the QR code on the spot with your smartphone and purchase it online instead of stopping the tasting because an emergency declaration has been issued in Tokyo. Introduced.

The maximum number of visitors is 250, which is a quarter of the capacity.

Makoto Kaiwa, chairman of the Tohoku Economic Federation, who chairs the executive committee of the Tohoku House, said, "Although it is said to be the reconstruction Olympics, I feel that interest in the disaster area is diminishing as the influence of the new corona continues. It may be difficult to visit Tohoku, but I would like to convey a message of gratitude for the support and what I am now. "

"Tohoku House" will be set up until August 7.