China News Service, Beijing, July 21. Comprehensive news. Since July 17, Henan Province has experienced large-scale heavy rainfall, precipitation in many places broke historical records, some reservoirs exceeded the flood limit, some urban areas were seriously flooded, and some road traffic was interrupted. .

On July 20, there was continuous heavy rain in Henan, with heavy rains and heavy rains in many places, and extremely heavy rains in some areas.

Photo by Kan Li, China News Agency reporter

  On the evening of the 20th, the China Meteorological Administration announced that since July 17th, Henan Province has experienced continuous heavy precipitation and heavy rains have occurred in many places. The precipitation in more than 600 stations exceeded 250 mm, the maximum precipitation was 728 mm, and the 6-hour rainfall in Zhengzhou was 382 mm. .

Among them, the rainfall in one hour from 16:00 to 17:00 on the 20th exceeded 200 mm.

The Central Meteorological Observatory stated that the maximum hourly rainfall of 201.9 mm in Zhengzhou's extreme heavy rainfall has exceeded the "758 extraordinarily heavy rain", and the historical record is Henan Linzhuang's 1-hour rainfall (198.5 mm, August 5, 1975).

On July 20, Zhengzhou, Henan, vehicles passed through a section of stagnant water.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Chaoqing

Many railway lines are flooded and trains are impassable

  Affected by heavy rains in Henan Province, the Zhengxi High-speed Railway and Longhai Railway between Zhengzhou and Luoyang have experienced flooding lines, subgrade collapse, equipment flooding, etc., and trains cannot pass.

  On July 20, continuous heavy rainfall caused the Pusu Longhai Line, Jiaoliu Line, Ningxi Line, Beijing-Guangzhou Line and Zhengxi High-speed Railway, Zheng-Tai High-speed Railway, and Zhengxu High-speed Railway under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou Bureau to block or operate at speed limits. K736/7, K177, K32/29, K1144/1, T197, K8002, K1757 trains are suspended, 15 trains such as K117, Z376/7, T9 will be turned back, some trains of Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway will be suspended or turned back, Zheng Tai , Zhengxu high-speed rail trains are delayed to varying degrees.

  Affected by the continuous heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan, 71 departure trains at Beijing West Railway Station were suspended on July 21, and 6 departure trains at Beijing Railway Station were suspended.

Image source: Beijing West Railway Station official Weibo

Image source: Beijing Railway Station official Weibo

  In addition, 42 trains in the Chengdu station are suspended. The specific number of trains suspended is: G3286 Chengdu East-Shanghai Hongqiao, G1996 Chongqing West-Qingdao, G1976 Chongqing West-Shanghai Hongqiao, G2680 Chongqing West-Nantong, G1888 Chongqing West-Nanjing South , G309 Beijing West-Chongqing North, C6271 Chengdu East-Meishan East, G1282 Chengdu East-Shenyang North, G350 Chengdu East-Beijing West, G2204 Chengdu East-Zhengzhou East, G574 Chongqing West-Beijing West, G571 Beijing West-Chongqing West, G2088 Chengdu East-Yantai, G1702 Chengdu East-Qinhuangdao, C6218 Chengdu East-Deyang, G308 Chengdu East-Beijing West, C6269 Chengdu East-Mount Emei, G2679 Nantong-Chongqing West, G310 Chongqing North-Beijing West, G1835 Qingdao-Chongqing West, G1836 Chongqing West-Qingdao, G1995 Qingdao-Chongqing West, D1998 Chengdu East-Yinchuan, G1831 Jinan West-Chongqing West, G1832 Chongqing West-Jinan West, G1887 Nanjing South-Chongqing West, G2207 Xuzhou East-Chongqing West, G2206 Chongqing West- Xuzhou East, G1975 Shanghai Hongqiao-Chongqing West, G90 Chengdu East-Beijing West, G1709 Tianjin West-Chongqing West, G1710 Chongqing West-Tianjin West, G3289 Shanghai Hongqiao-Shapingba, G3290 Shapingba-Shanghai Hongqiao, C6269 Chengdu East-Emeishan, G1996 Chongqing West-Qingdao, G1976 Chongqing West-Shanghai Hongqiao, G2680 Chongqing West-Nantong, G1888 Chongqing West-Nanjing South, G309 Beijing West-Chongqing North, G1709 Tianjin West-Chongqing West, G3290 Shapingba-Shanghai Hongqiao.

  The railway department reminds passengers that passengers who have purchased tickets for the number of suspended trains can go to the refund window of any railway station nationwide to complete the refund and change procedures within 30 days from the boarding date (including the day).

The picture shows citizens sheltering from rain at the station of Zhengzhou Metro Line 2.

Kan Lishe

26 highways and 29 sections are closed

  As of 7:00 on the 21st, 29 sections of 26 expressways, including G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, G30 Lianhuo Expressway, S26 Taihui Expressway, G1511 Rilan Expressway, and G3001 Zhengzhou Ring Expressway, have been closed. The recovery time is yet to be determined. There is no large number of vehicles. People stranded.

  At present, there are 8 national highways, 8 provincial highways, including G107, G234, and 30 sections of the Henan Provincial Trunk Line, which have been interrupted by water and landslides caused by heavy rainfall.

The local highway department placed safety signs on closed road sections, arranged special personnel on duty, organized personnel and machinery and equipment to quickly carry out rush operations after the situation stabilized, and there were no vehicles, stranded persons, and casualties for the time being.

Zhengzhou Metro's full-line network stations and pure electric buses suspend operations

  Affected by the continuous rainstorm, all stations on the Zhengzhou Metro network have suspended operations on the evening of the 20th.

  According to the staff of Zhengzhou Bus Company, the water level was too high due to heavy rainfall. In order to prevent high-voltage electric buses from injuring passengers, Zhengzhou pure electric buses stopped operating at 14:30 on July 20.