Holmquist was born in 1948 and was a pianist, conductor and conductor.

Among other things, known from TV productions such as "Go'morron Sweden", where he started in the 80's, and "Lotta på Liseberg".

He has also been conductor of the Melodifestivalen six times and conductor of the Eurovision Song Contest 1985. He was also program manager at Liseberg between 1999 and 2010.

- He was an incredibly fascinating person and incredibly funny.

It is a privilege to have gotten to know him, says Per Alexandersson, entertainment manager at Liseberg, to GP.

He was also involved in forming the Swedish dance band Curt Haagers in 1966, and played organ in the orchestra until 1969. In 1983, he was part of the Madness and After Shave's series "Jonsson's Wednesday".

Holmquist died after a period of fighting the disease acute myeloid leukemia.