Severe heat is expected nationwide on the 22nd, and it is expected that the heat will be over 35 degrees Celsius in various places.

It is necessary to be vigilant against heat stroke, such as frequent hydration and proper use of air conditioning.

Avoid going out as much as possible, and take measures such as frequent hydration and proper use of air conditioning.

As the heat continues to be severe every day, the area around Japan will be covered with high pressure on the 22nd, and the temperature is expected to rise in various places.

The maximum daytime temperature is expected to be 36 degrees Celsius in Osaka, Kofu, and Kumagaya, Saitama, and 35 degrees Celsius in Yamaguchi, Tottori, Matsumoto, and Maebashi, Nagano.

In addition to central Tokyo, it is expected that severe heat will continue in a wide range of 34 degrees Celsius in Fukuoka City, Yamagata City, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, etc.

Avoid going out as much as possible, rehydrate frequently, and be wary of heat stroke, such as using air conditioning indoors and taking a break outdoors when there is sufficient distance from people.

From the afternoon when the temperature rises, the atmospheric condition becomes unstable, rain clouds develop mainly in eastern and northern Japan, and there is a risk of extremely heavy rain locally.

Even if it is sunny, the weather may change suddenly, and if there are signs that developed cumulonimbus clouds are approaching, such as a sudden strong cold wind, please try to ensure safety by moving to a sturdy building.