At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, NHK interviewed the managers of the parks where temporary spectators' seats were created at the competition venue, and found that five parks in Tokyo have decided when access restrictions will be lifted. I found that there wasn't.

Experts point out that "when it will be available is indispensable information and should be actively communicated."

At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, temporary spectator seats and baggage inspection areas for spectators have been created in various parks, and the use of the general public is partially restricted.

When NHK interviewed eight parks managed by the capital and prefecture, it was not decided when the restricted access would be lifted at five in Tokyo.

Of these, the venue for the Olympic beach volleyball, "Shiokaze Park" in Odaiba, Tokyo, was built with a temporary stand that accommodates 12,000 people at a cost of about 4 billion yen.

Equipment such as stands that have been decided not to accommodate spectators this month will be dismantled by the Games Organizing Committee over half a year after the Games, but the timing of resumption of use depends on the progress of construction, so it is still decided. not.

In addition, the timing for resuming use of the "Odaiba Kaihin Park", which is the venue for triathlons used in the Paralympics, and the "Tatsuminomori Seaside Park" in Koto Ward, where a temporary pool was built, is undecided.

On the other hand, at Kitanomaru Park in Chiyoda Ward, the temporary equipment is small, so the removal work is expected to be completed in September, and the schedule is open to the public at three parks.

The Games Organizing Committee states that "the dismantling and restoration process is currently being coordinated, and work will be carried out in sequence after the Games."

Makoto Machida, a former chief of the Parks and Greenery and Landscape Division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and a visiting professor at Yokohama City University Graduate School, said, "It was surprising that it was undecided. The message that it will be available on what day of the month is indispensable information for users of public facilities and spaces, and should be actively communicated. "

Competitions involving eight parks and periods of restricted use

▼ Shiokaze Park (Shinagawa Ward) ▽ Olympics: Beach Valley ▽ Undecided

▼ Odaiba Kaihin Park (Minato Ward) ▽ Olympics: Triathlon, Marathon Swimming, Para: Triathlon ▽ Undecided

▼ Tatsumi no Mori Kaihin Park (Koto Ward) ▽ Olympics: Swimming Para: Swimming ▽ Undecided

▼ Oi Wharf Central Seaside Park (Shinagawa Ward, etc.) ▽ Olympics: Hockey ▽ Athletics Stadium, Baseball Stadium, etc .: Undecided, Others: Until August 9, 2021

▼ Yumeshima Park (Koto Ward) ▽ Olympics / Para: Archery ▽ Archery field: To be determined, Others: Until September 5

▼ Musashino no Mori Park (Fuchu City, etc.) ▽ Olympics: Bicycle (road race) ▽ Until August 31, 2021

▼ Kitamaru Park (Chiyoda Ward) ) ▽ Olympics: Judo, Karate, Para: Judo ▽ Until September 30, 2021

▼ Azuma Sports Park (Fukushima City) ▽ Olympics: Softball, Baseball ▽ Softball baseball field and multipurpose sports open space: September 15, 2021 Until March 31, 2022, Auxiliary Athletics Stadium and Second Multipurpose Athletic Square