China News Service, July 21 (Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan) Chicken breast, beef, salmon, yogurt, egg yolk... are processed into exquisite and delicious pet meals.

Recently, Shanghai's first pet restaurant opened in Xuhui, Shanghai, attracting the attention of many pet lovers.

At noon on the 21st, during a field visit, a reporter from noticed that the restaurant was marked with words such as "We only provide pet food, and guests are not allowed to bring human food into the store" in a prominent place at the door.

Although it is not a weekend time, many citizens who have heard of the news have brought their own pet "earlier", an exclusive pet, to experience fresh food.

It is processed into delicate and delicious pet meals.

Photo by Kang Yuzhan

  The reporter found that this pet restaurant has an open structure as a whole. In addition to the pet-only dining area, it also includes an open kitchen, a revolving self-service meal area, a raw material display area, and a transparent and visible pet play and comfort room.

In addition, for pets of different physiques, the restaurant also prepares pet stroller seats of different sizes to choose from.

The first pet restaurant in Shanghai.

Photo by Kang Yuzhan

  According to the clerk, the original intention of this pet restaurant was to promote the concept of feeding pets with fresh food. There are more than 20 types of staple foods and snacks for pets in the restaurant. There are also about 10 types of desserts. The prices of the dishes vary from It ranges from RMB 19.9 (RMB, the same below) to RMB 198.

Among them, the restaurant can also customize meals. According to the characteristics of species, taboos, allergens, etc., customize exclusive food for "Mao Kids", and use lactic acid materials to draw dog names.

The 4-and-a-half-year-old Border Collie eats French fries.

Photo by Kang Yuzhan

  Citizen Ms. Dong specially brought her border collie "fries" to experience the day.

She revealed that the 4-and-a-half-year-old "fries" was very excited when he entered the restaurant. The delicately arranged and balanced meal was wiped out within a few minutes. "I ordered beef and chicken for it. , There are carrots, potatoes and other collocations in it. Basically, the dog’s nutrition is all there."

Customers are ordering food for their pets.

Photo by Kang Yuzhan

  Citizen Ms. Zhang brought two pets from her home to "Roll the Nao Meng" (Shanghai dialect, namely: join in the fun).

She said that the clerk here will also carefully observe and comfort the dog as the situation requires, and the overall experience is quite good.

  "I think the price of the meals is acceptable, the ingredients look fresher, and dogs like to eat them," said Ms. Zhang, a citizen.

Exclusive fresh meals for pets.

Photo by Kang Yuzhan

  At the same time, every customer can also use the Polaroid camera provided by the restaurant to leave a beautiful photo memory for his pet.

Many pet lovers said that they hope that there will be more new places for pets in the future and better interaction between people and pets.

  In the opinion of many industry experts, China's pet market is currently experiencing new trends such as diversified consumption, segmentation, and intelligence. The products consumers buy for pets are also shifting from single food and toys to various experiences and services.