China News Service, Beijing, July 20. Tobacco hazards are well known, and "tobacco control" has long been a social action on a global scale.

  The China Charity Federation held a symposium on the participation of social organizations in tobacco control action in Beijing on the 19th, and jointly initiated the participation in tobacco control action initiative with Beijing Yao Foundation Charity Foundation and other social organizations-a tobacco control action involving social organizations kicked off the curtain.

  Implement a smoke-free policy in public welfare projects

  China is the world's largest tobacco producer and consumer, and the largest tobacco victim.

The latest data show that more than 1 million people in China lose their lives every year due to tobacco-induced diseases.

The smoking rate of people aged 15 and over is significantly higher than the world average.

  Liu Fuqing, vice president and secretary-general of the China Charity Federation, said that tobacco control is closely related to everyone and every family.

Social organizations and charitable organizations should adopt actions and initiatives to popularize tobacco control knowledge and methods in communities, enterprises, and schools, so that more people are aware of the great harm that tobacco can bring to health, and work together to create a better environment for tobacco control.

  Liu Youping, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the China Charity Federation, believes that tobacco and charity are in conflict in nature. He suggested that charitable organizations with charity attributes should respond to the requirements of "Healthy China", actively participate in tobacco control actions, and at the same time actively refuse tobacco donations. Maintain the reputation of the charity industry.

  In fact, some social organizations have already taken the lead in tobacco control actions.

For example, when the Beijing Yao Fund Charity Foundation was founded in 2008, it has clearly not accepted advertisements from tobacco companies and heavy-polluting companies.

In order to advocate a smoke-free policy to support teaching volunteers and children, the Yao Foundation has clarified the requirements for smoke-free in the support teaching volunteers’ instruction manual, standardized competition manuals and other documents, and has produced and posted tobacco control posters at all competition sites to create a smoke-free Race.

  Yao Fund Secretary-General Ye Dawei stated that to implement the smoke-free policy in public welfare projects, it is necessary to clearly oppose tobacco donations, and to start with the service targets and core stakeholders to find ways to participate.

  Form a synergy with all parties

  In 2019, the tobacco control action was included in the 15 special actions of Healthy China.

Yang Yan, a researcher from the Tobacco Control Office of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced the latest progress of the Healthy China Tobacco Control Initiative at the symposium——

  In terms of legislation, there are currently 196 local laws and regulations related to tobacco control, and the proportion of the population protected by the “Comprehensive Smoke-free Regulations” has increased to 11.33%; in terms of smoke-free environment construction, as of May 31, 2021, the country is smoke-free at the provincial level and above The construction of party and government agencies reached 78.9%; in terms of the construction of smoking cessation network, relying on basic public health service projects, all provinces were supported to establish a total of more than 500 smoking cessation clinics.

  As an important part of the whole society's tobacco control action, social organizations should form a joint force with all parties.

The guests at the meeting conducted discussions on "the role of social organizations in tobacco control work and the promotion of the revision of the Charity Law to include tobacco control content".

  Experts suggest that when the Charity Law is revised, it should be stipulated that "no charitable organization shall accept donations from tobacco industry organizations", and organizations and individuals other than charitable organizations shall not accept donations from tobacco product producers, sellers, and tobacco industry organizations in the name of charity , Sponsorship and gift; no organization or individual may use charitable donations to promote tobacco products.

  At the same time, tobacco control actions, as an important part of health services, should belong to charitable activities clearly stipulated by the Charity Law. Charity organizations should strengthen tobacco control propaganda on a daily basis, and they can also provide more support to tobacco control social organizations through the establishment of special funds.

  To initiate a tobacco control initiative

  The "Outline of the Healthy China 2030" plan puts forward the goal of reducing the smoking rate of people over 15 years old to 20% by 2030.

But at present, the amount of tobacco production and sales in China has not decreased, and surveys have shown that smokers' willingness to quit smoking does not increase but decreases.

  In this context, it is imperative to step up efforts to control tobacco.

  To call on more social organizations to join the ranks of tobacco control, China Charity Federation, Beijing Yao Foundation Charity Foundation, China Environmental Protection Federation, China Charity Federation, China Hearing Medicine Development Foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation, China Cancer Foundation, etc. Social organizations jointly launched the "Proposal for Social Organizations to Participate in Tobacco Control Action", calling on Chinese social organizations to increase their awareness of tobacco control, promote the concept of tobacco control, and guide and drive the whole society to resist the harm of tobacco.

  The proposal proposes that social organizations should take the lead in publicizing and complying with the "WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control", actively contribute to the healthy China 2030 strategic tobacco control special action, and consciously boycott tobacco donations; create a smoke-free working environment in this institution and carry out various activities Implement "smoke-free" management at all times; care for and care for minors, publicize and implement the "Law on the Protection of Minors," to keep them away from tobacco hazards; promote healthy lifestyles, actively support smokers around them to quit smoking, and provide assistance .

  "Let us act together to protect people's health and build a smoke-free environment!" This initiative from a social organization is also issued to everyone who cares about the social environment and resists the harm of tobacco. (Finish)