Anhui amputee teenager Zhou Tong has been admitted to Tsinghua University's architecture major

  On July 20, The Paper learned from Huoqiu County No. 1 Middle School in Anhui Province that Zhou Tong, an amputee boy from Anhui who has received much attention, has been admitted to Tsinghua University as a major in architecture.

  Zhou Tong told The Paper that he and his parents went to Beijing for a few days before returning home.

Although the teachers in the admissions group of Tsinghua University have stated that his grades are not problematic with Tsinghua University, he is actually not 100% sure of what major he will eventually be admitted to.

  "The first choice I applied for was computer science, so I didn't know much about architecture. After entering the university, I had to study and understand systematically." Zhou Tong said that he had communicated with the head teacher before volunteering. Comprehensive consideration of own interests and professional prospects.

As for the future career plan, Zhou Tong said that he still needs to study and accumulate the profession to make a final decision.

  Because he felt that his handwriting was not good enough, Zhou Tong was also using his summer vacation time to practice handwriting.

"Next, we need to find time to study university courses in advance. After all, Tsinghua University is as strong as a cloud, and after entering Tsinghua University, we can't relax." Zhou Tong said.

  In 2019, an out-of-control muck truck crashed into 16-year-old Zhou Tong. As a result, he missed the opportunity to be selected for the junior class of the University of Science and Technology of China and lost his left calf forever.

  Li Jiasheng, Zhou Tong's head teacher, told The Paper that Zhou Tong came from the first grade of high school by himself.

In his impression, Zhou Tong before the car accident was smart, hardworking but very low-key.

After the misfortune, he felt very uncomfortable as a class teacher and could not accept this reality for a long time.

  Fate's setback did not stop Zhou Tong.

Seven months later, he returned to his class with a prosthetic limb and crutches.

Li Jiasheng and other class teachers specially formulated a special study plan for him to help him make up for the missing courses as soon as possible.

  With the help of school teachers and classmates, Zhou Tong quickly adjusted to the progress of his studies.

This year's college entrance examination, he achieved a good score of 684 points, ranking 171st among the science candidates in Anhui Province.

  Li Jiasheng said that Zhou Tong's college entrance examination results were more than 40 points higher than he originally expected.

"With his college entrance examination results, even if he did not participate in Tsinghua University's'self-improvement plan', he can still go to Tsinghua University."

  "The spirit of fighting against life embodied in Zhou Tong is not necessarily possessed by many adults. This spirit of self-improvement and tenacious struggle is worth learning from everyone." Yang Mingsheng, principal of the No. 1 Middle School in Huoqiu County, Anhui Province, told The Paper.

  According to Yang Mingsheng, Zhou Tong's deeds have infected the entire school's teachers and students, and Huoqiu County No. 1 Middle School has specially set up the "Moving First Middle School Person" award for this.

At present, 6 students except Zhou Tong have successively won awards.

"We hope that through this honor, we call on our classmates to learn from Zhou Tong's spirit and inspire more classmates to be young people with a sunny mind and an invigorating mind."

  The Paper, reporter Yang Zhe, intern Zhang Wei