The death of Hangzhou internet celebrity Xiaoran from liposuction infection has recently appeared on the social media hot search list, arousing social attention.

The preliminary investigation report issued by the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission on the 15th showed that this was a medical accident. Huayan Medical Aesthetic Hospital took full responsibility and had already compensated. Hangzhou City will strengthen the management of medical institutions and increase the treatment of medical and aesthetic disorders. Remediation of elephants.

  According to reports, on May 2 this year, the Internet celebrity Xiaoran went to Huayan Medical Aesthetic Hospital to undergo liposuction and other medical aesthetic operations. He suffered septic shock after the operation. Although he was treated with all efforts, he finally died on July 13.

  Since a netizen posted a post on social media on the 14th to publicize the death of the internet celebrity Xiaoran from liposuction infection, the public has once again focused on the topic of medical beauty while following up on the accident and handling the results.

How to treat the chaos and the risks behind the medical beauty industry?

How to balance the relationship between health and beauty?

A reporter from interviewed relevant experts for analysis.

Netizens posted.


  Since the beginning of this year, from actress Gao Liu on social media who claimed to have failed in medical aesthetics with nasal tip necrosis, to the death of Internet celebrity Xiao Ran from liposuction infection, the public has become more concerned about the risks of medical aesthetics.

Yin Jiapeng, deputy director of the Administrative Department of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, said in an interview with a reporter from that the "Medical Aesthetic Project Management Catalogue" will be based on the difficulty and complexity of the operation, as well as the possible medical accidents and risks. The cosmetic surgery project is divided into four levels.

  Yin Jiapeng took liposuction surgery as an example to explain that the best indication for liposuction surgery is local obesity, which is not suitable for people with body obesity, and the amount of liposuction needs to be controlled.

According to the "Management Catalog", liposuction is classified into different levels of cosmetic surgery according to the amount of liposuction, and it also corresponds to different levels of medical institutions. For example, a clinic with a medical aesthetic department can only perform liposuction less than 1000 ml. Liposuction surgery.

  Dr. Li Yan, the attending physician of the Plastic Surgery Department of Emergency General Hospital, also reminded that plastic surgery is a medical operation, which has a period of recovery from trauma, and may even have complications and sequelae.

As a beauty seeker, it is critical to have a clear understanding of these and whether they can accept them.

Medical beauty institutions must consider the health and safety of consumers.

  "Communication between doctors and patients before plastic surgery is very important. In the face of unreasonable needs of patients, doctors can fully communicate from the perspective of patient health and safety." Yin Jiapeng said that some private medical beauty institutions are conducted by consultants and patients. Communication, for profit purposes, may lead to excessive publicity of postoperative effects, which can easily lead to postoperative medical disputes.

  In this regard, Hao Huizhen, vice president of the All-China Lawyers Association Women Lawyers Association, suggested that consumers should fully understand various aspects of information such as institutions, doctors, and equipment before engaging in medical aesthetics, especially the service period, items, content, and prices. , Quality assurance, implementation steps, settlement methods, post-operative effects, compensation for accidents, liability for breach of contract, methods of handling breaches, etc.

  Li Yan reminded consumers that regular medical institutions will be subject to regular supervision and inspection. Consumers can check the medical institutions and doctors’ licenses on the official website of the local health and health commission to carefully identify the relevant qualifications.

  Hao Huizhen said that it is very important to strictly control the qualification approval of medical institutions and carry out daily supervision of them in place.

According to the "Administrative Measures for Medical Aesthetic Services", an application for a beauty medical institution or a medical institution to set up a medical beauty department must have the ability to bear civil liability and have a clear scope of medical beauty diagnosis and treatment.

  "The Measures also require that the attending physicians responsible for the implementation of medical cosmetology projects must have the qualifications of practicing physicians and be registered by the practicing physician registration authority. Among them, those responsible for the implementation of cosmetic surgery projects should have more than 6 years of experience in cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. And other related professional clinical work experience." Hao Huizhen said.

  In the face of medical beauty fever, mild plastic surgery and the surgical risks behind them, how should people strike a balance between the pursuit of health and beauty?

Yin Jiapeng said that some Internet celebrities have proposed plastic needs such as excessively raising the bridge of the nose and opening the corners of the eyes as much as possible, sometimes out of makeup and shooting considerations.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary consumers generally do not make similar requests.

"Extreme plastic surgery is not called beauty. There are many ways and methods to change health into beauty. Those who seek beauty must have a correct understanding of beauty." Li Yan said.

  Author: Yu Zhanyi, Marshuaisha Hao Lingyu