From July 15th to 18th, the 30th Education and Career Expo hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The disciplinary forces participating in the exhibition attracted a lot of attention.

The booth of the Hong Kong Police Force attracted many visitors and consultants.

When asked about the basic requirements for applying for the Hong Kong Police Force, Chief Inspector Zhou Zitong of the recruitment team of the Hong Kong Police Force said that all applicants must meet a number of conditions before they can join the Hong Kong Police Force.

The physical fitness test includes 800-meter running, 4x100 shuttle running, standing high jump, hand grip muscle strength test, etc. There are different eligibility standards for male and female applicants.

Among them, the eligibility standard for men in the 800-meter race is 3 minutes and 11 seconds, while the standard for women is 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

In addition, to become a Hong Kong inspector or police officer, applicants must also be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and have resided in Hong Kong for seven years or more.

In terms of physique, male applicants are required to have a height of not less than 163 cm and a weight of not less than 50 kg.

Female applicants must be at least 152 cm tall and weigh at least 42 kg.

  (Reporter Fan Siyi produced Wu Rui)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】