The value of his medication for a year

“Mohammed” needs 28.4 thousand dirhams to treat hepatitis

The patient, “Mohammed,” 35, suffers from lung cancer and hepatitis, and needs treatment for hepatitis B, with a value of 28,414 dirhams (for a year), but his poor financial capabilities prevent him from buying medicines. He relies on the help of relatives, friends and charities to support his family, which consists of his mother and sister.

"Mohammed", who is Qamari, tells "Emirates Today" that he has suffered from cancer since 2014, after the appearance of sick symptoms and feeling tired, so he went to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in Abu Dhabi, where he underwent the necessary medical examinations and analyzes, and then the doctor who examined him confirmed to him His condition is that he suffers from lung cancer.

He added: "I underwent chemotherapy, and its cost was covered by the health insurance, after which my condition relapsed and I was transferred to the hospital, to find out that I suffer from hepatitis B type."

He continued, “The health insurance card covered the costs of my treatment throughout the last period, but it stopped covering the hepatitis C drugs that I need for life, and its cost per year is 28,414 dirhams, but my financial circumstances do not allow me to manage this amount.” Note that I stopped treatment for more than a month because of my inability to cover the cost of the drug.

He explained that he needs medications initially so that his health does not worsen and deteriorate further, and he will suffer from cirrhosis.

The patient continued: “My financial capabilities are modest and do not allow me to buy medicine, and I do not know how to manage the required amount.

I submitted requests for assistance in many charities and associations, and I am still waiting for approval.”

He explained that he, his sister and his mother depend on the help of relatives, friends and charities in managing their living conditions, appealing to good people and people of compassionate hearts to help him pay the cost of treatment as soon as possible.

A medical report issued by Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City confirms that the patient suffers from lung cancer and hepatitis B type, and needs permanent and continuous medications for hepatitis, at a cost of 28,414 dirhams annually.

• The patient, his sister and his mother depend on the help of relatives, friends and charities in managing their living conditions.