• Occitanie is one of the first regions to again exceed the alert threshold as a fourth epidemic wave begins, even if this is not yet reflected in hospitalizations.

  • Haute-Garonne, Hérault and Pyrénées-Orientales are the three departments most affected.

  • Since Emmanuel Macron's announcements, 70,000 new appointments in vaccination centers have been made in Occitania.

After weeks of decline, the number of positive cases for the coronavirus is experiencing an upsurge in Occitania which exceeded the alert threshold on Monday with 51 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This Tuesday, the day after Emmanuel Macron's announcements, the regional health agency took stock of the situation on “this epidemic rebound which affects the youngest people”.

Unprecedented speed, especially in the Pyrénées-Orientales with a rate of nearly 130 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In one week, the positivity rate for Covid-19 tests has quadrupled in this department, and the incidence rate by five.

With 63 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Haute-Garonne is also affected as is Hérault with 58.9 cases.

Proximity to Spain

“We are in a situation that is changing very quickly.

Last summer we were confronted with the same phenomenon and from a certain point, when the epidemic has spread to the youngest strata, it cannot not reach the oldest or the oldest classes. fragile, ”warns Pierre Ricordeau, the director general of the ARS, who specifies that half of the cases are now Delta variants.

The population density of these departments, but also the tourist flows or the proximity of Catalonia which has recorded an outbreak of cases among those under 30 could explain this faster recovery in these territories.

For the time being, there is no obvious impact on the emergency services yet, but warning signs are already perceptible on the use of SOS doctors or even at the level of the emergency room. .

Between arrivals and departures, the Toulouse University Hospital had 33 Covid-19 patients on Tuesday, including five in intensive care and five in intensive or critical care.

"Yesterday we recorded ten new admissions of cases, all were unvaccinated people," said Professor Vincent Bounes, head of Samu 31.

For health officials, the way out to curb the phenomenon remains vaccination, coupled with barrier gestures.

If it is well launched in Occitania since two adults in three have already received their first injection and one in two is fully vaccinated, this remains insufficient.

There are thus holes in the racket, even in the over 65s since nearly 100,000 of them have still not received their first dose, as well as some of the weakened people or those suffering from comorbidities.

70,000 appointment requests tonight

A trend that could change after the measures decreed yesterday concerning the health pass.

In Occitania, between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, 70,000 new meetings were recorded, five times more than last Monday.

At the Toulouse vaccinodrome, 180,000 appointments were opened to meet demand.

“Until now, we have been vaccinating 4,000 to 4,500 people per day in Hall 7, a large part of which is second dose and only 200 to 500 primary vaccinations.

In August, we thought we would only open from Thursday to Saturday, but it will eventually be every day.

Today we have grown to 6,000 people and we can increase this capacity to 10,000 if necessary, ”explains Vincent Bounes, who coordinates the XXL vaccination center in Toulouse.

For the latter, if the measures announced Monday are good, "they come a little late".


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