China News Service, Hangzhou, July 13 (Guo Qiyu, Zheng Yuchuan) A reporter learned from the Yuhang District Bureau of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the 13th that the police station in the district received an alarm recently that Uncle Fang, an 80-year-old man, was deeply involved in "online dating". In the past five years, 376 transactions totaling more than 2.7 million yuan were transferred to each other through QQ, WeChat, Alipay and other channels.

At present, the "online dating partner" has been captured by the police.

  Uncle Fang is a literate man. After retiring, he played very well on WeChat and Douyin.

In 2016, he met a netizen named "Yue Ji" on QQ. The other party claimed to run a coffee shop in the United States, and his profile picture was an elegant woman.

  The uncle "Yue Ji" humbled and asked warmly, speaking softly and ambiguously, and often asked Uncle Fang to give her red envelopes on the grounds that she needed a sense of ritual on various anniversary.

Uncle Fang was overjoyed, so he lied that he was in his 60s and single, and the two soon fell into "love".

  In the past five years, "female netizens" have been making clever names. They have made the "in love" Uncle Fang responsive again and again on the grounds that investment business failure requires turnover, buying a car, seeing a doctor, and paying deed tax for buying a house.

In order to please his "girlfriend", Uncle Fang not only took out all his retirement funds, pensions and other savings, but also secretly borrowed money from surrounding relatives.

  During the period, Uncle Fang had also suspected, but every time his "girlfriend" would send a beautiful video to please him, Uncle Fang transferred 376 transactions to the other party through QQ, WeChat, Alipay, etc., a total of more than 2.7 million yuan.

Recently, Uncle Fang’s family was in urgent need of money, but he could not afford it. Uncle Fang’s daughter learned of the incident and reported to the police.

  After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation into the uncle's "girlfriend". After in-depth analysis and judgment, the police quickly identified the suspect.

On the evening of July 8, the police arrested the suspect Wang in Henan, more than 1,000 kilometers away. The "lover" who had known Uncle Fang for five years was actually a man.

  Upon investigation, the suspect Wang was 23 years old and was sentenced for robbery at the age of 15. He has been unemployed after he was released from his sentence.

Having nothing to do, he set his sights on the single men on the Internet, and disguised himself as a single beautiful woman looking for "prey" on the Internet.

  Five years ago, Wang disguised herself as a cafe proprietress, met and communicated with Uncle Fang through QQ, and determined his relationship. After that, he began to fabricate various reasons to cheat Uncle Fang for money.

During this period, in order to dispel Uncle Fang’s suspicion, Wang from time to time sent videos of beautiful women downloaded from the Internet to Uncle Fang for video interaction with him.

  It is understood that Wang has been criminally detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.