The challenges of the fight against HIV-AIDS in Guinea

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Ten years ago, in 2011, the UNAIDS report on the AIDS pandemic pointed out Guinea Conakry's lack of involvement in the fight against this disease.

Political instability during the 2000s weakened the establishment of an effective program to fight AIDS.


A report by Igor Strauss

For the local NGOs and patient associations, the finding had become alarming and they called on the State to assume its responsibilities: nearly half of the 85,000 people living with HIV did not have access to treatment.

But the efforts initiated in terms of screening and treatment were again slowed down, first by the Ebola virus disease epidemic, then by the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, 10 years after this UNAIDS report, where is the country in the fight against HIV?

What are the impacts of Ebola and Covid-19 on patient care?



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